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On June 30, 2014 we will be live with GMS Financials to coincide with the start of the fiscal year.  Click here for an update on the implementation project to include system progress, training and timeline.

The Onboarding landing page has been enhanced with the following:

  • Newly hired faculty members will now receive a "Faculty Handbook" to review and acknowledge in a similar way to how non faculty members review an "Employee Handbook".
  • A new announcement worklet will display I-9 and state / local tax form reminders, as well as a link to an on-boarding job aid to assist new employees should they require assistance.

New employees will receive an email notification on their first day of work directing them to sign up for Benefits Orientation. They will also receive reminders to enroll in benefits after 30 and 45 days of employment, if they have not yet done so. As an employee approaches 60 days of employment without enrolling in benefits, their Manager and HR Contact will be notified.


Financials Project Team

Executive Sponsor: Chris Augostini
Project Sponsors: Lisa Davis and David Rubenstein

Project Director:
Marjorie Boursiquot

Project Manager:  Linda Buckley
    Workday Engagement Manager: Mark Wangeman

HRIS Manager: Vacant

Grants Lead: Joe Gortenburg
    Workday Consultants: Matt Luby/Monique Schafer

Integrations Lead: Naresh Mutala
    Workday Consultants: Dan Orton/Katie Zirkel

Reporting Lead: Balraj Balagarunathan
    Workday Consultant: Ali Akbari
    Cedar Crestone Consultant: Ryan Stefani

Test Lead: Jennette Beale
    Cedar Crestone Consultant: Sue Thomas

Security Lead: Madelon Brennan

Assets/Projects/Expenses Lead: Eamon Wong
    Workday Consultants: Melissa Flett, Carol King

Budgets Lead: Andrew Schreiber
    Workday Consultant:  TBD

Procurement, Payables and Banking Lead: Ben Elsener
    Workday Consultant: James Lieneman

Financial Accounting/Endowments Lead: Barb Barrett
    Workday Consultants: John Gross/ Monique Schafer

Payroll Posting: Mike Stark/Barb Barrett

Training: Christina Bautista
    Cedar Crestone Consultants: Bryan Malatesta

GMS Financials Steering Committee

Pim Thukral (Chair)
Lennie Carter, Financial Affairs
Amy Cederholm, Financial Affairs
Darryl Christmon, Main Campus
Tom Clarke, Law Center
Kelly Doney, UIS
Mary Glasscock, Medical Center
Matt Greaves, Financial Affairs
John Kotwicki, Financial Affairs
Debby Morey, University Services
Curt Topper, Financial Affairs

GMS Financials Subject Matter Experts/Campus Representatives

Main Campus
Cindy Chance, Faculty Records
Susan Choi
Jean Daly, Financial Aid
Heather Malneritch
Mieke Martinez
Shontae Robinson, Financial Aid
Shaida Sonde, SFS-Q
Aimee Unger, SFS-Q

University Services
Jessie Mandel
Ken Suski

Medical Center
Venishea Butler
Muftiat Fahm

Law Center
Abi Cruce
Caroline Kariemu

Financial Affairs
Aliz Agoston
Cathleen Barker
Laura Benner
Glenn Bernstein
Alin Ciuccio
Dana Fortwengler
Rosalyn Furukawa
Alexander Gee
Lisa Hatheway
Hilda Kwena
Wayne Mircoff
Karim Muhtasib
Michael Robinson
Shontai Staten
Sheila Thompson

Liam Betterman
Manny Corday
Janice Little
Sheila McMullan
Debra Murray
Marc Peters
Walker Phiel
Doreen Robinson
Mary Schmiedel
Roque Viegas

Maksim Altmark
Renita Mitchell

Working Groups

Chart of Accounts Working Group
Pim Thukral, Chair
Barbara Barrett
Marjorie Boursiquot
Michael Brown
Linda Buckley
Venishea Butler
Thomas Clark
Amy Cederholm
Muftiat Fahm
Dana Fortwenger
Mary Glasscock
Robert Goodman
Matthew Greaves
Hilda Kwena
Heather Malneritch
Jessie Mandel
Annemieke Martinez
B. McNeil
Wayne Mircoff
Deborah Morey
Kenneth Suski

Grants Working Group
Mary Schmiedel, Chair
Doreen Robinson, Chair
Jason Ackerman
Marjorie Boursiquot
Linda Buckley
Amy Cederholm
Manuel Corday
Robert Clark
Muftiat Fahm
Mary Beth Fargo
Joseph Gortenburg
Janice Little
Jennifer Kluge
Janet Mann
Deborah Marshall
Sheila McMullan
Stephen Moore
Debra Murray
Marc Peters
W Pheil
Pim Thukral
Roque Viegas

Reporting Working Group
Pim Thukral, Chair
Barbara Barrett
Marjorie Boursiquot
Linda Buckley
Amy Cederholm
Susan Choi
Lubna Chowdhury
Alin Ciuccio
Abigail Cruce
Jean Daly
Fuftiat Fahm
Dana Fortwengler
Camilo Garcia
Robert Goodman
Jo Ann Grainger
Matthew Greaves
Hilda Kwena
Heather Lunders
Jessie Mandel
Wayne Mircoff
Debra Murray
Nahlet Negusse
Shantae Robinson
Shaida Sonde
Steven Spaulding
Curt Topper

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