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GMS News

On June 30, 2014 we will be live with GMS Financials to coincide with the start of the fiscal year.  Click here for an update on the implementation project to include system progress, training and timeline.

The Onboarding landing page has been enhanced with the following:

  • Newly hired faculty members will now receive a "Faculty Handbook" to review and acknowledge in a similar way to how non faculty members review an "Employee Handbook".
  • A new announcement worklet will display I-9 and state / local tax form reminders, as well as a link to an on-boarding job aid to assist new employees should they require assistance.

New employees will receive an email notification on their first day of work directing them to sign up for Benefits Orientation. They will also receive reminders to enroll in benefits after 30 and 45 days of employment, if they have not yet done so. As an employee approaches 60 days of employment without enrolling in benefits, their Manager and HR Contact will be notified.


HCM News and Updates

GMS Integration with GU Directory - Posted April 4, 2014

The Preferred Name field in GMS is now being used to populate employee name in the GU Directory. Employees are able to submit a change to their Preferred Name in GMS under Personal Info.  Once a change is approved by the HR Contact, the employee's name will be updated in the GU Directory the following day.  If employees have any questions on how to change their preferred name, they should contact their Department Administrators or HR Contacts for assistance.

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Learn more about the new Use Next Pay Period field for compensation changes - December 17, 2013

In the Request Compensation Change there is a new field - Use Next Pay Period.  The box for this field will default checked which in turn defaults the effective date of the compensation change to the beginning of the next pay period.  If the start of the next pay period is not the accurate date for the compensation change, un-check the box and enter the correct effective date.

For example, if you are entering a Request for Compensation Change BP today for a monthly employee, the BP will default January 1, 2014 as the effective date of the change as that is the start date for the next pay period.  If the change should occur on a date other than January 1, un-check the Use Next Pay Period box and enter the actual effective date.

Use Next Pay Period

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A New Way to Search in GMS - Posted October 29, 2013

The process for searching by GUID and Net ID has changed.  Please use the prefix "id:” followed by the value that you want to search by. Remember “id” must be lower case.


Here are some examples:
For GUID enter id:888888888
For NetID enter id:js123

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 Main Campus Academic Appointments in GMS! - Posted September 6, 2013

Academic Appointment information is now available in GMS for Main Campus tenured and tenure line faculty. If you see a conversion error related to your academic appointment information, please contact the Office of Faculty Records and Appointments at

GMS News - September 2013

Workday is experiencing these display issues:

  • Workday sometimes displays scrollbars in Create and Edit tasks that were not previously there before.
  • When you finish a task and move your pointer to select OK, Workday sometimes moves the OK button away from your pointer. Workaround: You can use the tab button to select the OK button. Press Enter to complete the selection.

Beginning August 30, time off approval requests for employees with multiple jobs will only be routed to the employee's primary manager. Once approved, the additional managers will receive a notification indicating that the employee has approved leave and the dates of said leave.

New in GMS - Posted August 14, 2013

New Field in One Time Payment BP

The One Time Payment BP now includes a new check box labeled "Send to Payroll," which determines if the one-time payment is processed by Payroll. By default, the field is checked to "Send to Payroll." If the box is checked, Payroll will process the payment during the appropriate pay period. If the box is unchecked, the one-time payment will not be processed by Payroll. If the box is mistakenly unchecked and the payment is not processed, please submit a One Time Payment GPF to Payroll for processing.

One Time Payment Payroll Checkbox

New in GMS - Posted July 12, 2013

Improvements to the Payment Election Process (During Onboarding): The Payment Election “To Do” during onboarding has been enhanced to now include a related action that will link new employees directly to the Maintain Payment Election screen. This change will simplify the onboarding process for new hires as well as decrease the overall time it takes for an employee to enter the direct deposit information.

New in GMS - Posted July 2, 2013

Graduate students will no longer receive the Change Personal Information task during their Onboarding process in GMS. All Student personal information is maintained in Banner as that is the system of record for all students.

New GMS to PeopleSoft Chart Lookup - Posted June 24, 2013

A new lookup option called 'GMS Chart to PeopleSoft Cost Ctr Mapping' has been added to the GMS chart of accounts  site. This option provides for a lookup from a GMS chart string back to a PeopleSoft cost center. The user enters a string of GMS worktags to search for the matching PeopleSoft cost center. If the user enters just a few of the worktags multiple PS centers may be returned.  The user may then scroll through the list or refine parameters to search for a single match.  The user may also enter a single worktag such as Assignee in order to search for all the possible PS centers that may be associated with a particular individual (note that this search must be based on the worker ID from GMS), or they may search by descriptions on grants, gifts, assignee, or project.

The defaults have been set to find only active cost centers where the salary flag in PeopleSoft is yes as these are the valid cost centers to be used in GMS at this time.

Chart of Accounts Timesheet Guidance - Posted June 12, 2013

The Create Payroll Timesheet task in GMS allows for the option of copying information from a previous timesheet to a new timesheet for the current pay period. If you choose to utilize the Copy from Existing Timesheet option when completing timesheets, please do not select a timesheet that was submitted prior to the Chart of Accounts conversion on May 27, 2013. Timesheets prior to May 27th included the old PeopleSoft Cost Centers and those old cost centers will default onto the current timesheet.

Please select Create Blank Timesheet in order for the new Chart of Accounts costing worktags to default to the timesheet. Once a timesheet with the new worktags has been submitted and approved, this timesheet can be used in the Copy from Existing Timesheet option as the correct costing format will be defaulted.

If you have any questions, please contact GMS Support at

New in GMS - Posted June 7, 2013

The Rehire business process now includes the Edit Service Dates task.

Workday Alerts - Updated May 16, 2013

Workday is working on resolving the following two issues. We will update this post when they are resolved. 

  • Workday does not display existing documents in the Maintain Worker Document File task. This prevents removal of existing documents. You can still add and view documents if you have appropriate security access.
  • Business Process Notifications: Workday currently doesn't send custom business process notifications to users acting on behalf of another user via delegation.
  • Organization Prompt in Reports: Workday doesn't display all available supervisory organizations in the organization prompt in reports, including: New Hire Staffing and Compensation, Terminations, and Termination Details

New in GMS - Posted May 3, 2013

A new notification will be sent out to the employee once their time sheet has been approved in GMS by the timekeeper or manager. Students will also receive the notification once the time sheet has been entered and approved on their behalf.

New and improved configuration for onboarding: The steps in the GMS Onboarding process have been enhanced and consolidated so that each step will now appear as part of a Checklist of tasks that are to be completed by the new hire. This streamlines the end-user experience for our new hires. Click here for more information about the new GMS Onboarding process.

Message about Workday 19 Upgrade - Posted April 19, 2013

Dear GMS Users,

This is to remind you that the release of Workday 19 is scheduled to occur on Monday, April 22. In preparation for this, GMS will be unavailable from 5 p.m. Friday April 19th until 11:59 p.m. April 21. Please plan accordingly.

Attached you will find a PowerPoint presentation containing screen captures of the changes you can expect to find in relationship to the new release. Here's a quick summary of changes in Workday 19:

  • New Search functionality to direct your searches within a functional area.
  • Action items and Notifications now display on separate tabs in the Workfeed.
  • Print organization charts to PDF files which contain a dynamic presentation of the structure of your organization.

If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact GMS Support at

Thank you for your attention.


Mary Anne Mahin

Vice President & CHRO

Important Notice Regarding Student Timesheets - Posted March 26, 2013

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Current policy will be enforced by a correction in GMS functionality--students will no longer be able to create their own timesheets in GMS; as per policy, GMS timesheets can only be created by a departmental TimeKeeper or Manager. PLEASE TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION TO ENSURE YOUR STUDENTS ARE PAID ON TIME.

As a reminder, students may not create their own timesheets in GMS. The proper procedure for recording hours for hourly paid students in GMS is noted below. This is the same information that was provided during timekeeper training.

This is particularly important for Federal Work Study requirements.

To submit timesheets for the students who have a primary position with your organization:

  • The students complete the paper timesheet each week based on the hours that they work.
  • The Manager signs the paper timesheets.
  • Then, either the Manager or Timekeeper inputs the hours into GMS and approves the electronic timesheet.
  • If the students have any additional jobs, the Manager or Timekeeper adds the line for those hours on the timesheet that created in GMS. The information for their hours for the additional job based would be indicated on the paper timesheet from that position.

To submit the timesheets for the students who have an additional job with your organization:

  • The students complete the paper timesheet each week based on the hours that they work.
  • The Manager signs the paper timesheets and then sends the paper timesheets to the primary timekeeper.
  • Primary timekeeper inputs the hours onto the GMS timesheet for the student.
  • I would recommend that you give the primary timekeeper a heads up that the student is working for you as well so that you can work out with the primary timekeeper by when they need the timesheets from you to make sure that the students get paid timely.

 New in GMS - Posted March 26, 2013

Effective today, March 26, Hourly Students will no longer be able to create or submit timesheets within GMS. Per Student Employment Policy, hourly student employees must submit paper timesheets to their Department timekeeper that record “time in” and “time out” and their supervising manager’s signature approving the hours recorded. The GMS product does not currently include this required functionality but it is expected that a future release of the product will. In the meantime this change will prevent duplicate student employee timesheets from being created and thereby eliminate some of the errors that have caused incorrect payment issues.

Also effective today, March 26, a new onboarding message will go to all new hires. This will remove the to-do message that currently goes to Departmental Administrators and HRCs, and instead creates a notification to the personal email (and Georgetown email) for new employees. To ensure that new hires get this notice and complete their required onboarding tasks, it is important for HRCs to enter into GMS the personal email address for new employees upon hire. This new email message for new hires says:

Greetings from Georgetown University!

Please log in to the Georgetown Management System (GMS) at to begin the new hire Onboarding process. Please complete all of the tasks on your Onboarding Checklist; you will need to verify and update contact information in GMS, set up your tax withholding elections and your direct deposit accounts, make benefit elections (if applicable), and complete other important tasks required of new Georgetown hires. If you have not yet activated your Georgetown University NetID, you will need to reset your password. Instructions on how to reset the NetID password are found here:

Thank you for your attention to these important requirements.

Changes Effective Friday, March 22

Faculty Leave:

  • New Faculty Leave types are now available. All old leave types are now inactive or deleted.
  • Some Administrative Leave types were updated to make faculty ineligible for those leave types.

Business Process Changes: 
Click here for screenshots of the changes below.

  • New help text added to the "Change Federal Withholding Elections" business process that provides supplemental instructions on how to complete their state tax elections.
  • A new rule and related help text added to the "Termination" business process that will prevent the "regrettable" field from being checked to match policy.
  • Help text added to the "Change Contact Information" business process to provide supplemental instructions for employees in Qatar.
  • "Request Leave of Absence" and "Request Return from Leave" business processes were updated to include all changes required for Faculty Leave. Removed the "Edit Service Date" sub-process from the "Request Return from Leave" business process.

Upcoming Chart of Accounts Transition Email - Posted March 19, 2013

Dear GMS User:

GMS Financials (July 2014)
As many of you know, in July 2014, the University will replace PeopleSoft financials and Financial Access+ with the Georgetown Management System through Workday. The new GMS finance system will include the functionalities of general ledger, procurement and payment, grants management, business assets, and endowment accounting.

Upcoming Transition to New Chart of Accounts for HCM and Payroll (May 2013)
Although implementation is over a year away, we’re well down the path of preparing for this new system. One very important step is the transition to a new Chart of Accounts for both the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll functions in late May 2013.

HCM and Payroll will shift from using a single Cost Center identifier to using a new identifier that consists of multiple organizational segments or worktags. The new identifier will minimally consist of Cost Center, Fund and Purpose, but in some cases will also include Grant, Program, Project, Gift and/or Assignee. You may reference the Chart of Accounts section for a diagram and definitions for more information.

Chart of Accounts Working Group, consisting of representatives from campus finance offices, Financial Affairs, and the Core Team, has been working on defining the new Chart of Accounts structure as well as assigning the new values over the past several months.

Next Steps (April – May 2013)
Week of April 15: All GMS Roles will receive a detailed communication outlining critical dates, deadlines and a summary of business and payroll processes that will be impacted by this transition.

Weeks of April 29 – May 24: Training for Departmental Administrators, HR Contacts, Student Employee Reviewers, HR Partners, Academic HR Partners and Finance Partners. All Users will have direct access to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in their area to assist with additional questions. Online training resources will also be available.

May 24, 2013: Any of the following business processes that are In-Progress but not yet Completed/Approved by noon on this date will be canceled:

  • Create Position
  • Hire
  • Add Job
  • End Job
  • Transfer
  • Compensation Change
  • One Time Payment
  • Change Organization Assignment
  • Cost Allocation
  • Timesheets
  • Request Time Off
  • Leave of Absence

May 28, 2013:
Any canceled business processes can be re-started. Any exceptions that require a retroactive date will require manual processing.

Support for GMS Users
As we continue into this next phase of expansion within the Workday structure, we especially appreciate the training expertise of Heather Lunders and Shelton Bellamy who will be leading the charge in making sure that you have the information and resources to make this transition gracefully. Soon you’ll find easy-to-use training resources on the newly re-designed GMS website. Additionally, Heather and Shelton will be introducing a GMS Newsletter that will provide regular updates at-a-glance.

Thank you for your attention. Look for more information coming in April, but please mark your calendars now and plan ahead.


Mary Anne Mahin
Pim Thukral
Charles DeSantis

New in GMS - Posted March 1, 2013

The process history tab is now viewable to those who have view-only access to timesheets, such as the Student Employment Reviewer and HR Contact Roles.

 Workday 19 Coming on April 22 - Updated March 1, 2013

·        GMS will be upgrading to Workday 19 on April 22. Here are the new features that will be available with Workday 19:

  • Workfeed and Notifications: Action items and Notifications will now be displayed separately minimizing the “clutter”.
  • Organization Charts: We’ll be able to print Supervisory Organization Charts that are readable.

We continue to assess the new functionality offered to see what is applicable to Georgetown and will keep you posted!

 GMS Display Issues in Google Chrome - Posted February 28, 2013

Some users are having trouble viewing text in GMS when using Google Chrome. The text is appearing distorted and nearly unreadable.

Workaround: You may be able to resolve the issue by changing the Adobe Flash plugin settings in Google Chrome.

  1. In your Chrome browser, type chrome://plugins/ in the navigation toolbar
  2. Select + Details (you'll see this on the blue bar that runs across the top of the page, on the far right of your screen)
  3. Navigate to the Adobe Flash Player section
  4. Select Enable PAPPI
  5. Select Disable NPAPI

 New and Coming Soon in GMS - Posted February 22, 2013

New In GMS

  • Assign Pay Group Being Moved Up in the Hire Process. Previously the Assign Pay Group step was a “To-Do” which occurred after the Hire was approved by the CFO. The Assign Pay Group step is now included with Change Organization Assignments, Edit ID, Change Personal Information and, Propose Compensation. You will need to complete all of these tasks (including Assign Pay Group) before submitting the Hire for approval. In order to allow time for the generation of GUID and NetID after the hire is approved, there is an overnight delay before a new employee will be able to log into GMS to complete their onboarding. To see the new hire process steps, please go to the training section.
  • Citizenship Status Selections Will Now Match the I-9 Form. The drop down options for selecting Citizenship Status now coincide with the citizenship categories listed on the I-9 Form. This will allow the initiator to choose the appropriate option when entering the Citizenship Status. All existing employees in GMS have been converted into these revised status categories.
  • Change Organization Assignment Will Now Route to the Initiator in the Add Job Business Process. Previously the Change Organization Assignment Step routed to the HRC. The initiator of the Add Job will now be asked to change the organization assignments associated with the additional job. This will allow an opportunity to ensure that the proper default cost center is assigned as well as other attributes. This is the same screen that is part of the existing hire and transfer business processes.

Coming Soon in GMS

  • Automatic Leave Pay-out Upon Termination. Currently when an employee is terminated, their leave balance has to be manually calculated for pay out. Going forward when a termination is processed in GMS the system will automatically calculate the leave payout and pay the employee their due leave IF the employee terminates within the current pay period. The system will not calculate payment for retroactive terminations; this will still need to be calculated manually by the HR Partner. To ensure an accurate pay-out is calculated there should be no outstanding leave requests for any terminating employees.
  • New Employee Onboarding. The employee Onboarding Subprocess is being revised so that all onboarding-related tasks to be completed by the employee will appear in their GMS inbox. Currently, the employee only sees one task or to-do at a time, completion of one task triggers the appearance of the next one in the employee’s workfeed. By listing all tasks and to-do’s at once, we hope to improve and streamline the User's first exposure to GMS. This will also to provide greater clarity about the system along with better instructions on how to use it.

Timesheet and Payroll Deadlines for Early Payroll Closing (President's Day Holiday) - Posted February 14, 2013

Due to the upcoming President’s Day holiday on Monday, February 18, we have some GMS/payroll deadline updates that require your attention:

Timesheets for Hourly Employees for pay period ending 2/17 
Week 2 timesheets (February 11-17) for hourly paid employees must be submitted and approved by managers-timekeepers by 1:00 pm Friday, February 15. For those working weekend hours, please estimate hours worked and enter by 1:00 pm on Friday. Any necessary corrections can be made by using the General Payroll Form during the next pay period. 

Payroll Documents
Any payroll documents impacting the current pay cycle (February 04 - 17) must be submitted to Payroll by 10:00 am on Thursday, February 14.
Approvers should log into GMS daily to review and approve transactions to ensure that you meet this schedule. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

New and Coming Soon in GMS - Posted February 11, 2013

New in GMS

  • On Leave status will no longer be publicly visible. When an employee is on a leave of absence, the employee’s name is displayed in GMS as On Leave, for example, “Joe Hoya (On Leave).” This is now only visible to the HRC, DA, FP, HRP/AHRP, Benefits, SER, Absence Partner, Dean's Office Reviewer, Faculty Reviewer, University HR Partner, HR Executive, and CFO.
  • Change in Work Address will no longer trigger an email to the employee unless there is a change in State. Currently when an employee’s work address is changed in the system by an HRC, HRP or System Administrator to correct campus address or room number, an email notification is automatically sent to the employee. This email alerts them to a potential change in tax status. This is being removed and will only be sent if the change in work address results in a change in state (this does not apply to SFS-Q).
  • Redesigned GMS Webpage. The current GMS log in page is now part of a “portal” to all GMS information at Georgetown University. It has a new look and feel but still has all the original features in addition to news, resources, links to forms, training materials and other useful information.

Coming Soon in GMS

  • Automatic Leave Pay-out Upon Termination. Currently when an employee is terminated, his/her leave balance has to be manually calculated for pay out. With Workday 18, this will now automatically calculate and result in a payment IF the employee terminates within the current pay period. The system will not calculate payment for retroactive terminations, this will still need to be calculated manually by the HR Partner. Please ensure that there are no outstanding leave requests for any terminating employees.
  • Assign Pay Group Being Moved Up in the Hire process. Currently the assign pay group is a “to-do” after the hire completes. This was originally implemented to allow time for processing I-9s prior to paying an employee and to establish a GUID and NetID for new employees. Since we are no longer doing I-9s in the system, the assign pay group step is being moved up and will be completed as part of the normal hire approvals. To allow time for GUID and NetID there will be an overnight delay before the employee will be able to log into GMS to complete their onboarding.


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