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UPDATE: As of 3:15 pm on 03/02/2018, all Staples Purchase Orders have been sent to Staples, and the punchout integration is now operational. Users should expect that approved Requisitions for the Staples punchout will immediately issue a Purchase Order.

The GMS Core Team will hold Staples Purchase Orders on Friday, 03/02/2018, from 8 am until approximately 5 pm while Staples updates their internal database of Ship-To Addresses. During this time Requisitioners will still be able to shop on the Staples site, and process Requisitions for approval in GMS. The GMS team will coordinate with Staples so that when they have made their updates, we will release all Purchase Orders to Staples. Staples should receive and begin processing orders by the end of day on Friday. We are taking this approach to limit the disruption to end users.  Please log a helpdesk ticket by emailing if you have any issues.

GMS Position Budgets are Available - Posted November 13, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the launch of GMS Position Budgets, today, November 13, 2016.

The initial Position Budget has been automatically generated using 1) the compensation already assigned for filled positions through the end of fiscal year 2017 and 2) the incumbent’s compensation for unfilled positions, please note this can be changed prior to filling the position.  Position Budgets do not include Students, Part Time Adjunct faculty and Contingent Workers. 

Considering that we are launching Position Budgets in the middle of the November period, we encourage you to wait until early December to try to match the total Position Budget with the total salary budget in the Financial Operating Budget for your unit(s).  Please note that the Position Budgets for FY2017 will be used as a tool to prepare for FY2018 budgets.  Financial Affairs will not be looking for campuses to match their Position Budgets and Financial Operating Budget in FY2017. 

GMS Position Budgets will provide the following benefits:

  • Ability to define budgets by position in GMS and use the budget to determine approvals required.  If within budget, no financial approvals are necessary on certain staffing transactions.
  • Ability to report on headcount: filled positions, budgeted/approved vacancies and un-budgeted vacancies.
  • Ability to use the Position Budget as a tool to prepare for FY 2018 planning and future financial planning.

Training materials for Position Budgets are posted to

Training classes for GMS Position Budgets will begin on Thursday, November 17, 2016.  The training schedule is below.  Please register for a class using the link below.

The GMS Position Budgets course will address the following topics.  These processes will be done in GMS, so it is important to attend training.

  • Create Position Budget
  • Amend Position Budget

GMS Position Budgets Training Registration Link:

GMS Position Budgets Training Schedule:

If you require assistance with GMS, please contact the Service Center by emailing or calling (202) 687-4949.

Thank you,

GMS Core Team

GMS Financials Newsletter - Summer 2016
Extended Deadline for FY'16 Receipts - Posted July 12, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

We are extending the deadline to submit receipts for FY16 POs in order to address match exceptions generated on FY16 POs where invoices are submitted to AP and where no receipt or insufficient receipts exist.  Receipts for FY16 POs can be submitted through July 18th with a June 30th document date.  AP and users should run the match exceptions report between July 12th and 18th to ensure that receipts are submitted to address any FY16 match exceptions due to receipting issues.  Please note that no new FY16 POs can be created, only receipts for already existing FY16 POs can be submitted.

Thank you,

The GMS Core Team

GMS Financials Reporting Updates Coming week of 7/5/2016

The following reports are being deprecated, and will be replaced with versions that no longer carry a Fiscal Year designation:

Reports Being Deprecated: New Report Name:

Budget to Actuals Summary – Reserves & Gifts FY2015

Budget to Actuals Summary – Reserves & Gifts FY2016

Budget to Actuals Summary – Reserves & Gifts 

Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants FY2015

Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants FY2016

Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants

Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants (for SAO use only) FY2015

Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants (for SAO use only) FY2016

Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants (SAO)

Please click here to see a full list of all the changes affecting financial reports in GMS

GMS Financials Newsletter - Winter/Spring 2016
GMS Financials Newsletter - Fall 2015
Click HERE to view the new financials GMS Newsletter - Summer 2015

Fiscal Year 2015 Transactions Close Calendar - Posted May 15, 2015

New Grants Management Notifications in GMS - Posted May 22, 2015

Grant Managers and Lead Principal Investigators now receive a notification with detailed award information when:

  • The setup of a new award (including budget) is complete in GMS
  • The award budget is amended
  • A no-cost extension has been completed

A copy of the notification is also sent to the appropriate Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) or Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) central email address.

“To-Do” notifications will now be sent to Pre-Award and Post-Award Specialists to enter/update milestones after the award setup or award amendment is complete.  A link to reference materials is also included in the notification.

GMS Financials Update Presentation from March 24th Town Hall meeting - Posted March 24, 2015
New Payment Request Process effective March 16, 2015 - Posted March 9, 2015

Dear Requisitioners and Cost Center Buyers:

Starting Monday, March 16, 2015, Accounts Payable is instituting a revised payment request process designed to minimize errors and improve processing time.  Instead of the current email addresses which generate a ticket in Kayako, we have created campus specific addresses to allow for better tracking using Box using the email addresses at the end of this message.

When submitting a Miscellaneous or Small Invoice form please submit with all applicable attachments as a PDF file

For supplier invoices (payments that have an invoice attached): please save your PDF file with the following naming convention:

RequesterLastName_Payee_Supplier Invoice Number_MMDDYY

For example, "Smith_Pfizer_Inv003815_032515," and email to the appropriate email address for your campus and payment type.   

For Miscellaneous payments without an invoice: For payees that do not have supplier invoice numbers, please save your PDF file with the following naming convention

RequesterLastName_ PaymentAmount_Payee_MMDDYY

For example, “Buckley_250_Jones_031515,” and email to the appropriate email address for your campus and payment type.   

If you have an additional question about the status of your payment request email or call 202-687-4848.  Please do not resubmit requests.

External vendors should continue to use to submit PO-based invoices for payment.

For the Law Center, please use the following addresses as appropriate:

For the Main Campus, please use the following addresses as appropriate:

For the Medical Center, please use the following addresses as appropriate:

For University Services, please use the following addresses as appropriate:

Click here to view the new GMS Financials Newsletter! - Winter 2014
The New Budget to Actuals Summary Report is Now Available! - Posted October 30, 2014

Starting today the new Budget to Actuals Report (BAR) Summary is available for use in reviewing and reconciling actual transactions against budgets for accuracy and appropriateness. This new version incorporates the same level of detail, via drill-down, as the original BAR Details report, but with new features that were unavailable earlier:

  • The budget will always appear regardless of the month selected.

  • Month and YTD actuals are now listed.

  • Provides separate sections for Revenue/Expenses/Non-Operating Activities with sub totals, totals and net activity.

  • Spreads Current Approved Budget over a 12 month period, which enables measuring the actuals to the budget at a particular point during the fiscal year.

  • Additional drilling capabilities to include:

    • Ability to drill to more dimensions on the actual transaction.

    • Ability to drill to the operational transaction.

    • Ability to individually drill to the budget line or the journal line on the Actuals or Commitment or Obligation ledgers.

With the introduction of the new BAR Summary report, the original BAR Details will no longer be available.  

For those working with Grants and Projects, please continue to use the existing Budget to Actuals Details - Grants and Budget to Actuals Details - Project reports.  We are currently developing updated versions of these reports as well and will notify you when they are available.

If you have any questions regarding GMS, please contact the Service Center by emailing or calling (202) 687-4949.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes!

GMS Financials Update for Staff & AAP Forum - Posted October 30, 2014
GMS Performance Issue - Update - Posted September 19th, 2014

Dear GMS Financial Users,

Workday has identified two bugs that are causing performance issues when running the following reports:  Payroll Journal Transactions and Budget to Actuals Reports. 

A report field is affecting the server performance when processing all searches and queries in GMS.  A fix has been identified and will be put in place Friday, September 19th.  These reports will be available again as of Saturday, September 20th.

The second bug is causing a delay in processing data updates which is also impacting overall system performance when running these same reports.  The performance strain is primarily caused when users select the “Notify Me Later” option and the reports run in the background and are sent to the "W:Drive".   A fix has not yet been identified for this issue and it is unclear what the impact on GMS performance will be after we re-enable these reports.   We are hopeful that a fix to the second bug will be in place by next Saturday, September 27th.

In order to reduce the strain on the system it is recommended that you do NOT press the “Notify Me Later” button and let the report continue to process until you see the results appear on your screen. 

If the report times out or fails to load, please contact the Service Center by emailing and report a performance issue.  Please provide the agent with the time you tried to run the report (if known), the time it failed, which report you were running and if you were doing anything else in the system.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.  We will continue to provide updates as they become available.


Pim Thukral

VP, Financial Accounting & Systems

Charles DeSantis
AVP, Benefits, Payroll and Wellness
Chief Benefits Officer

Update on Paying Student Non-Service Stipend

Dear Colleagues,

We are aware of the difficulties you have encountered trying to pay students non-service stipends and are working on a long-term solution that will streamline this process in our new GMS financial system.

In the meantime, we ask that you follow the following steps, beginning with the September end-of-the-month payments:

  • Using this template, complete one line per student.
  • For each student listed, please include the supporting award letter.
  • Email to
  • Note: for international students receiving stipends, please make sure that the student is set up in GMS as a supplier before submitting the aforementioned.  To check if the student is set up in GMS or needs to be set up in GMS, please contact Lawrence Smith ( or (202) 687-5448).

Please contact Michael Robinson, Director, Accounts Payable, ( or Curt Topper, AVP, Purchasing, Contracts and Accounts Payable ( if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued patience,

David R. Rubinstein
Vice President of Finance and University Treasurer

GMS Accounting Journal Updates - Posted September 8th, 2014

Dear colleagues:

Several important accounting journal updates have been moved into production today.

Journal approval business process: include the Business Manager role as an approver when a Cost Center Manager initiates a journal.  As with other journal approvers, all Business Managers for a related journal are required to approve.

Journal approval business process: require all Finance-CFO members for a related journal to approve when required.  Previously the first CFO to grab the journal completed the approval.

Allow salary accrual transactions for the Accrual (Reversal) Journal source code (generally used at fiscal year-end).

Allow non-cost transfer grant journals to be recorded with source code A: Accounting Journal.  Visit the Sponsored Accounting Office website or contact the Office directly with questions.

Allow the recording of pre-GMS payroll costing adjustment journals (FY2014 payroll costing adjustments) through the use of two new journal sources: A: Pre-GMS Payroll Costing Adj (Non-Grant) and A: Pre-GMS Payroll Costing Adj (Grant). The Grant source will be considered a cost transfer and follow the same processing and approval rules.

Important note: As these are accounting journals, not operational payroll journals, the system will not calculate/generate fringe benefit transactions.  The user must obtain the fringe amount from the original CSR reports and enter journal lines to adjust fringe benefits.

A consequence of these changes is the need to revise the journal template, Accounting_Journal, and several of the journal job aids.  The revised template and job aids have been posted to the web and are attached below.  In addition a new job aid for pre-GMS payroll adjustments has been included and will be made available on the web site early next week. Please begin using the revised template immediately as the old version will fail during the upload process.

Please share this announcement with individuals who prepare accounting journal templates but are not in the role of GU-Journal Preparer.

Job Aid - Journals.docx
Job Aid - Preparing Upload Journal Template.docx
Job Aid - Pre-GMS Payroll Costing Adj Journal.docx 

Thank you,

Remit to Address Changes for Suppliers in GMS - Posted September 5th, 2014

In PeopleSoft Vendors could have multiple Remit To addresses. In GMS, Vendors, now called Suppliers, cannot have multiple Remit To addresses.

Please make sure your Supplier’s address and payment method are correct before requesting payment through Accounts Payable. You can check the address by running the “GU Find Suppliers” report in GMS. If you are unable to run the report, please e-mail to determine the address.

If the address is incorrect, please check the “Supplier Group”. If the supplier is tagged in one of the following groups, it can only be changed by the owner of that group:

  • GoCard-1099K
  • Library
  • Qatar Suppliers
  • Sub-Grantee
  • TAP

Some examples are:

  • A supplier tagged in the Library group can only have an address changed if the request comes from an employee that works with the Library invoices.
  • A  GU Department needs to pay another University that is tagged as a TAP supplier.

To request a supplier remit to address change, please complete on-line request form here:

  • If the supplier is not tagged in one of the aforementioned supplier groups, the Tax Department will make the requested change in GMS within 2 business days.
  • If the supplier is tagged in one of the aforementioned supplier groups, the Tax Department will add a new supplier as a child of the tagged supplier and e-mail the GU department a new SUP ID to use to request payment.

Please note that many common questions related to Supplier set-up and requesting changes are answered on the Workday Supplier FAQ document.

Also, the process for setting up a Supplier is outlined here:

Set up for Payments to US Individuals and Companies

Set up for Payments to Non US Citizens and Entities

New Miscellaneous Payment Form - Friday, July 18th, 2014

A revised Miscellaneous Payment Form has been uploaded to the Accounts Payable websiteClick here to download the new form.  More detailed instructions on completing the form can be found here.

Accounts Payable now has the new scanning and document management solution in operation, so following the procedures outlined on this site and in the form instructions will help ensure that payments are processed more quickly and accurately, going forward. 

We will continue to make improvements in the forms and processes and continue to look for a more robust front-end solution that involves GMS from an earlier point in the process.

Thank you for your patience.  Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always.

Current News and the Week Ahead - Monday, June 23rd, 2014

Post Production Support

  • Will use the UIS Service Center - (202) 687-4949 to record and log all issues in the Blackboard ticketing system
  • Phase I: For the first 60-75 days the Core team will monitor tickets
    • Escalate to Campus and Financial Affairs SMEs via email from the Blackboard system
      + All responses will be recorded within the ticketing system
    • Build Frequently Asked Questions/ Knowledge Base
    • Develop escalation protocols
    • Phase II: The Service Center will monitor, resolve and escalate tickets as required
  • You can now view your PS Vendor’s new Workday Supplier ID and request remitted to address changes here.

Open Labs
University Services – 207 Gervase, from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday

Main Campus - Conference Room, Suite 202, 3307 M Street, from 10:00AM to 2:00PM

  • Monday, June 30th
  • Tuesday, July 1st
  • Wednesday, July 2nd
  • Monday, July 7th
  • Friday, July 11th
  • Friday, July 18th
  • Friday, July 25th
  • Friday, August 1st
  • Thursday, August 7th
  • Friday, August 15th
  • Friday, August 22nd

Medical Center – Building D, Room 301, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

  • Monday, June 30th
  • Tuesday, July 1st
  • Wednesday, July 2nd (10 to 4)
  • Thursday, July 3rd
  • Friday, July 4th (10 to 12)
  • Tuesday, July 8th (11 to 4)
  • Thursday, July 10th
  • Tuesday, July 15th
  • Friday, July 18th (10 to 12)
  • Friday, July 25th
  • Friday, August 1st
  • Wednesday, August 6th (10 to 12)
  • Wednesday, August 13th
  • Friday, August 22nd (10 to 12)
  • Thursday, August 28th

Law Center, McDonough Hall, Room 587, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Tuesday, July 1st
  • Wednesday, July 2nd
  • Tuesday, July 8th
  • Tuesday, July 15th
  • Tuesday, July 22nd
  • Tuesday, July 29th


There will be training sessions through the end of July for the following roles:

  • Journal Preparers
  • Financial Reporters
  • Requisitioners
  • Financial Reviewers
  • Cost Center Buyers
  • Principal Investigators
  • Financial Approvers