GMS Tip of the Week - April 9, 2018


Did you know?

In order to help improve the management of Job Requisitions, Primary Recruiters, Managers, Department Administrators, HR Contacts and Academic HR Partners have the ability to update the My Job Requisitions report in their Recruiting Dashboard.


The My Job Requisitions report the report settings can be updated to provide a more focused report output.

totw-04-09-18 image 2

It is recommended to remove Closed and Frozen Job Requisitions from your report in order to better focus on the active searches in your area.

totw-04-09-18 image 3

What SHOULD you do?

We recommend that you review active Job Requisitions and actively manage Candidates to provide accurate dispositions in a timely manner.  Filled Job Requisitions that still have active Candidates should be identified and the Candidates dispositioned, as those Candidates that were not hired need to be dispositioned (declined) from the Job Requisition.  Filled or Open positions can be filtered in the report by using the value (Filled) or (Open) in the filter options.

totw-04-09-18 image 4

It is important that Primary Recruiters are dispositioning Candidates in a timely manner because it impacts the University's IDEAA reporting and our process for managing duplicate Candidates.

Please note that filled Job Requisitions will always have 1 active candidate who will be the Candidate that was Hired into the position.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact