GMS Tip of the Week - April 30, 2018


Did you know?

Business Processes in GMS are driven by their effective date. If you receive an error message when attempting to submit a business process, this may be due to a conflicting transaction that was already completed associated with the Worker’s record and/or the position.

What SHOULD you do?

Navigate to the Employee’s Worker History section to review the most recently completed (or in progress transaction). Pay attention to the effective date listed. If you are trying to initiate a retroactive transaction, the earliest date you can use is typically the day after the last completed business process’ effective date. If you are trying to complete a future dated transaction, make sure that the date does not conflict with any other transactions (such as future dated Lateral Moves, Data Changes, Terminations etc). After you have reviewed the Worker History, please contact the Core Team at if you need further assistance.


If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact