GMS Tip of the Week - March 26, 2018


Did you know?

This week's tip provides more details and guidance if a user encounters an error that states "The page requested could not be restored, please try again." According to Workday, this error frequently occurs when the user opens multiple Workday tabs at the same time, especially in the Recruiting module.


For example, this error could appear if you are working on the Offer screen for a candidate (without pressing Submit), and then open a new tab and navigate to to start a new session to view the related Job Requisition. When you switch back to the Offer tab it is possible that you will receive the error message and you will have to restart the Offer transaction from the beginning.

What SHOULD you do?

When multiple tabs are opened, Workday's servers track the user’s keystrokes in each tab and one tab session can overwrite another. The best way to avoid this is to work in a single tab, if possible, and instead of opening multiple sessions from use the "See in New Tab" option that is available when you right-click on most objects in Workday.


In addition, here are other options to open additional tabs once a user is authenticated: 

  • Open a new tab by right clicking the profile photo and selecting "See in new tab
  • Open a new tab for a task/link from within the first session
  • Open multiple browsers - Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact