GMS Tip of the Week - March 5, 2018


Did you know?

Position based role assignments are assigned at the supervisory organization level and the roles will be inherited by subordinate organizations unless other positions have the role directly assigned to a subordinate organization. When a role is assigned at a lower supervisory organization level, the inheritance is broken and the role must be assigned for all positions directly to the lower supervisory organization if the position needs the role assignment for the subordinate supervisory organizations.

For example, this is what is looks like when a role is assigned directly to a supervisory organization.  The HR Contact role for Jan Brady is assigned to the supervisory organization BU Bulldog University Supervisory.

hrc role

The HR Contact role for the supervisory organizations subordinate to BU Bulldog University Supervisory are inherited.

inherited roles

If at a lower level, we wanted to add another position to the role, but Jan Brady needs to retain the role assignment, we would have to directly assign both Jan Brady and the other employee’s position to that lower supervisory organization:

inherited lower level


What SHOULD you do?

When submitting a role request that you would like to be inherited by all subordinate supervisory organizations, please take a moment to review the current role assignments in GMS for the supervisory organizations you are updating. The roles for an organization can be viewed by navigating to the Roles tab for the supervisory organization. If the inheritance is broken, role assignment requests must be made for all subordinate organizations where the role is required.  This can be done using the Role Change Request form and/or report.

For example, the need to include all subordinates can be indicated within the role change report.

role change report


Or, the subordinate role assignments can be filled out within the report.

role change report 2

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact