GMS Tip of the Week - November 13, 2017

TIME111317 - Time Entry Best Practices

Did you know?

If a non-exempt (hourly) Employee reports that they are unable to view the Time Entry worklet there are a few common errors that cause this issue:

  1. The Employee is a future dated hire and therefore, will not have access to the Time worklet until their effective hire date.
  2. The Employee has an hourly Compensation Plan, but is in an exempt (salary) Job Profile.
  3. There is no active Compensation Plan associated with their record. This occurs most often when HRCs choose to include an Actual Compensation Plan End Date, which removes the compensation plan for the worker as of the end date.

What should you do?

If an Employee reports that they cannot enter time, check the following:

  1. What is the effective date of the Employee’s hire?  If it is future dated then they cannot enter time because they are not an active worker.
  2. Check to see if the Worker has a non-exempt Job Profile by viewing the Employee’s worker profile. If the job profile includes “(non-exempt)” after the profile name, then it is hourly. If the Employee is not in a non-exempt job profile a Change Job process must be completed to correct the profile.
    Job Profile
  3. View the Employee’s compensation to confirm that they have an active hourly compensation plan.  If they do not have a compensation plan but should, a Compensation Change process must be completed to add back the hourly plan.

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