GMS Tip of the Week - November 27, 2017

REPORT112717 - Reporting Insights

Did you know?

The GU Additional Jobs Report is available for all users and identifies workers in your organization with additional jobs and the details for those additional jobs.  The report output includes the worker’s primary job in addition to their additional jobs; the “Primary Position” column can be used to identify whether the position is primary or additional.

What should you do?

When initiating a business process for a worker, you may need to take into consideration whether or not a worker has an additional job (ie: Change Job, Termination, Time Entry, etc). Run the GU Additional Jobs Report to determine whether a Worker has an additional job, and then coordinate with the additional job(s)’ department as needed.  

For example: If a worker has an additional job and will no longer be employed in their primary position, they cannot be terminated. In this scenario the Student Employment Reviewer, HR Contact or Academic HR Partner should coordinate with the additional job(s)’ department to either transfer the Worker or request that the additional job(s) be ended, if applicable, in order for the Worker to be terminated.

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