GMS Tip of the Week - November 6, 2017

CORE110617 - Support Ticket Best Practices

Did you know?

When you encounter a question or issue with a GMS transaction there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue before submitting a helpdesk ticket.  Some quick troubleshooting steps include:

  1. Consult job aids and training documentation at
  2. When feasible, double check with colleagues to confirm if they’ve had a similar issue and the resolution
  3. View Business Process History to view the approval and/or routing status of an in progress or completed transaction

    bp history


What should you do?

If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, please submit a support ticket to  When submitting a support ticket here are some quick tips to help ensure your request can be resolved as quickly as possible:

  1. Submit a ticket to and include as much detail as possible (i.e. worker ID, supervisory organization, position ID, job requisition ID, effective dates etc.)
  2. Do not reach out to Core Team members directly with “routine” issues, it is extremely important that all support requests go through the Help Desk.  A few benefits of submitting tickets through the Help Desk are:
    • a) The Core Team will have more accurate ticket volume reporting, which allows for better resource planning and allows us to better identify issue trends (and address them)
    • b) You will get a faster response as it will route through a triage to identify the best contact
    • c) Allows individual Core Team members to devote more meaningful time to researching, developing, configuring, and testing new functionality
  3. Once a support ticket has been submitted, please do not deny, cancel, or modify the transaction in GMS, as the Core Team may need to further research the issue

    If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact