GMS Tip of the Week - October 30, 2017

STU103017 - Student Hiring Best Practices

Did you know?

If a student is hired but does not end up working in the position, the student should not be terminated.  Since the student did not work in the position, the appropriate correction is to rescind the Hire transaction.  Hiring and then terminating the student creates an employee record and initiates the onboarding process with tasks to be completed including the Form I-9 and related communications.

What should you do?

Please submit a helpdesk ticket to and ask for the support team to rescind the Hire.  The ticket should include the worker’s name, position number, hire date and brief description of the request.  The Hire transaction must be rescinded prior to the completion of the first pay period for the worker even if the worker did not work and submits zero hours.  

    If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact