Announcement: Workday 30 is Coming

Dear Colleagues, 
The Workday 30 release is just around the corner and includes several enhancements to the look and feel of the system. With this update, Workday will release a new User Interface (UI) which will be available to users when Workday 30 goes live on Saturday, March 10th.  The UI refers to the appearance of the display screens and how you may interact with the system.  The enhancement provides several benefits:  
• Creates a consistent platform across all of the Workday products
• Provides a better flow between features
• Embraces Section 508 compliance standards across our applications within a single, unified web experience 
Please watch the short Workday 30 User Interface Video below, which provides explanations and screen captures of the UI changes you can expect to find in the new release.  This is only part of what’s coming in Workday 30 so please stay tuned for complete details on what’s new in this Workday release.
If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact the Service Center by emailing help@georgetown.edu or calling (202) 687-4949.
Thank you for your attention.

GMS Core Team

Workday 30 New UI Overview from Keysha Payton on Vimeo.

2018 Tax Withholding and Exempt status updates

Dear Colleagues,

This email contains important updates, reminders and deadlines regarding Federal and State tax withholding elections for 2018. Please pay close attention to the information below as it could have a significant impact on your paycheck, particularly if you claimed "EXEMPT" on your Federal, Maryland or Virginia taxes in 2017. 

Federal Taxes

If you claimed "EXEMPT" from Federal taxes in 2017, you must enter withholding information for 2018 in GMS by Wednesday, February 28, 2018. If you do not make any changes in GMS by this date, Georgetown University is required by law to withhold taxes at the highest rate (single status with zero withholding allowances) until new information is entered.

By now you may have noticed that your latest pay (January 31st for monthly, February 2nd for biweekly) reflects the 2018 Federal tax changes.   If you find that you are not having enough taxes withheld because of the 2018 income-tax withholding tables changes, you may log into GMS now, or at any time, to make changes. 

Please note that the tax withholding for Non-US Citizens for tax purposes is determined by the IRS, therefore Non-US Citizens are not able to change their tax withholding in GMS. If you are a Non-US Citizens for tax purposes and believe that one of the following scenarios applies to you, please submit a change request to the Tax Department via the Georgetown University Nonresident Alien Tax Request Form:

  • You are a U.S. resident for tax purposes [i.e. you pass the substantial presence test - note that generally depending on your Visa status, the first  2 or 5 years in the U.S. do not count toward the days for an exempt individual’s (e.g. students, researchers, teachers) substantial presence test countable days], or 
  • You are eligible for treaty benefits (see IRS Publication 519).

No action is required unless unless you claimed "EXEMPT" from Federal taxes in 2017.
Effective February 1, 2018 you no longer need to submit the state withholding forms.  State tax changes can be entered by you in GMS.  This link provides step-by-step instructions: https://georgetown.app.box.com/s/95poj3zhrpyspa4vd4vv
State Taxes 

If you do not wish to continue the “EXEMPT” status and do NOT enter the new changes, the following tax status and withholding updates will automatically occur:

  • For Virginia residents - You will be defaulted to single status with zero exemptions.
  • For Maryland residents - Your status will revert to your last MW507 form completed that did not claim exempt from withholding.  If a MW507 form was not filed, you will default to one exemption until new information is submitted.
  • This does not apply to residents of the District of Columbia; if no changes are made, your 2017 withholding elections will carry over into 2018.

If you currently have Federal or State taxes being withheld and do not want to change your withholdings for 2018, simply do nothing and they will remain in force for this year. 
Thank you for taking the time to review your information. As always, if you have questions, please contact Payroll Services at payrollservices@georgetown.edu.
Be well,
Charles DeSantis
Associate Vice President, Benefits, Payroll & GUWellness

Claudette Richardson
Director, Payroll Services

2017 W2 and 1095 Forms

Dear Colleagues,
The 2017 W-2 forms are now available in the Georgetown Management System (GMS) for viewing and printing.  The forms have also been mailed to the primary address that is on file in GMS.  To locate your W-2 forms in the system, please log into GMS to view your tax documents.

Former employees will be sent a copy of their 2017 W-2 form via the U.S. Post Office mail.  If you are contacted by a former employee who did not receive their W-2 form, please ask them to email the Payroll Services department at payrollservices@georgetown.edu.
Form 1095: 
IRS Form 1095 is used to determine whether you or your employer may have to pay a fine for failing to comply with the Affordable Care Act by not having healthcare coverage for 2017. This reporting form is currently required by federal law for eligible US citizens and qualifying employees and it contains information you can use in filing your taxes. You will need both your W-2 form(s) and information from your 1095 form(s) to prepare, complete and file your tax return.
Form 1095-C is submitted to the IRS directly by your employer. You do not have to submit a copy of the form to the IRS. However, it is recommended that you always keep a copy of each Form 1095 for your files, just in case you need to reference them in the future.
All full-time employees who were eligible for medical insurance through Georgetown University during 2017 will be receiving a Form 1095-C which contains information about the healthcare coverage offered by Georgetown University. The deadline by which Employers are required to provide employees with the 1095-C form has been delayed this year to March 2, 2018. We anticipate that Georgetown University will be mailing the forms in February. You need not wait to receive the 1095-C form in order to file your taxes. You simply must indicate on your 2017 tax return if you and/or your dependents were covered by employer-provided health insurance plan and for how many months.
To learn more about the Form 1095, you may refer to the IRS website (https://www.irs.gov/affordable-care-act/questions-and-answers-about-health-care-information-forms-for-individuals) for more details.
Thank you for your attention.
Claudette Richardson
Director of Payroll Services

Maura Gilsenan
Director, Health Plans