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Announcements and Changes

Dear Colleagues,

From Friday, September 11 at 8 p.m. to Saturday, September 12 at 5 p.m., the Georgetown Management System (GMS) will be unavailable while the Workday 2020R2 update is implemented. The outage will be limited to GMS and does not impact the Georgetown network. The only impact for GU employees will be a temporary inability to access GMS from any internet connection (GU or otherwise) during this outage period. We apologize for any inconvenience and will post updates to gms.georgetown.edu.

This Workday update will deliver several enhancements to GMS. Some notable items include:


  • My Shortcuts – new icon in header for Quick Access to Tasks and Worklets
  • Improved Search – predictive search, icons and better performance
  • Accessibility – improved UI to meet more accessible color contrast, links throughout and preview PDFs with screen readers
  • Redesign of Retirement and New Hire Enrollment Process
  • Updated candidate home view for external candidates


  • Expenses
    • Send back lines of expense reports
    • Improved tracking of personal charges on expense reports and repayments
    • Improved performance and user experience of expense reports
  • Procurement
    • Receipting with tracking numbers
    • $0 allowed for purchase order
    • Mass close purchase order lines
    • Supplier invoice work area (A/P)
  • Grants Management
    • Improved effort certification process
    • New work area for effort certifications

Following the update, please refer to the Workday 2020R2 Employee Quick Reference Guide (new window) for more details about these and other changes. The reference guide will be located on the GMS website under the Training section, which contains detailed explanations of the changes you can expect to find in the new release.

If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact the Service Center by emailing help@georgetown.edu.

Thank you for your attention.

Dear Main Campus and Medical Center Colleagues,

As you may recall, on Monday, September 7, 2020 (Labor Day) many of our academic programs will be open for student instruction. This change to some academic calendars may require some non-union staff and AAPs to work on Monday, which was previously identified as a Georgetown holiday.  To address this, the University converted the traditional Labor Day holiday into a “floating” holiday to be used either for Labor Day or another day this fall for those who need to work on Monday.

Given this change, non-union staff and AAPs on the Main and Medical Center campuses, in consultation with their manager, will have two options:

  • Option 1: If you are required to work on Monday, please identify a day prior to Wednesday, December 23, 2020 to take a floating holiday and record this day in GMS, choosing Fall Floating Holiday for the time off type.
  • Option 2: If you do not have work required and you intend to spend Labor Day as if it were the traditional holiday, please request Monday, September 7 off by following regular time off procedures in GMS and choosing Fall Floating Holiday for the time off type. 

In either option, employees must enter the Fall Floating Holiday in GMS. 

Union staff will not be required to work on Labor Day and do not need to submit a time off request.

If you need help with the process, the Request Time Off Job Aid offers detailed instructions for submitting time off requests in GMS. For additional assistance, please reach out to your Client Services Partner or submit an HR Help Ticket

Be well,

Charles DeSantis

Interim Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Dear Colleagues:             

The university will go live with a new Workday budget and planning module this summer, which has given us an opportunity to enhance reporting of the budget to reflect actual results. The impact on GMS will include new ledger accounts, new revenue and spend categories, and updates to the system’s reports.

New Ledger Accounts

Fifteen new ledger accounts will be added in GMS for FY2021 to support budgeting and financial planning. Revenue and Spend categories provide specificity for financial transactions. Please refer to the New Accounts (new window) list for the category codes assigned to the new accounts, and refer to the GMS Planning Model (new window)  (new window)for a complete list of revenue and spend categories with their assigned ledger account.

Table displays mapping of FY2021 Ledger Accounts to Previous Ledger Accounts

New Fund Planning Hierarchy

A Planning Hierarchy has been enabled in GMS, Adaptive and Cognos. This hierarchy maps to the UR/TR hierarchy, but allows for higher level funding source planning within Adaptive. Please refer to this mapping for funds (new window) for for quick reference.

GMS Reports

 Current reports and dashboards displaying revenues and expenses will be updated so the new ledger accounts will appear in the appropriate lines, including:

●        “Budget-to-Actuals” reports

●        “GU GAAP” reports

●        “GU Financial Plan” reports

GMS report updates should be completed by mid July.

GU Analytics (Cognos)

A new statement mapping hierarchy (“AH-15”) has been added to enable the business intelligence environment to produce income statements in the new budget-mapping (Adaptive) format.

●        A new sectioned income statement report – “Budget_Mapping Report (Adaptive Layout)” – will be available that mimics the layout of the detail model in Adaptive

●        For additional analysis, current reports that are used to extract/download data will be enriched to include the new statement mapping fields (AH15-AH18), as well as the new fund-planning hierarchy.


The new accounts will be activated in GMS on Saturday, June 27 for immediate use on relevant FY2021 financial transactions, such as tuition and financial aid from the Banner and Destiny systems, and for procurement transactions for the payment of non-service stipends and equipment purchases. After that date, accounts to be inactivated – 50100/74901/75002 – should only be used to complete related financial transactions to close out FY2020.

Should you have any questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact the campus finance office in your respective campus. 

Stella Apekey

Senior AVP for Budget, Financial Planning and Treasury Management

Willem Roos


Dear Colleagues,

Georgetown Procurement Services (GPS) recently concluded a review of select, high-spend commodities at the university, which included desktop and laptop purchases. As a result of this process, effective July 1, 2020, Staples will be Georgetown’s exclusive supplier for laptop and desktop computers.

GPS convened a committee comprised of key campus representatives to participate in a extensive competitive bid process to evaluate suppliers who could help the university achieve the following goals:

  • Significant cost savings for desktop, laptop and peripheral technology supplies.
  • Better current customer service, including response times, quicker quotes and reduced shipping times.

We look forward to working with Staples as the Georgetown University provider for laptop and desktop computers and to continuing a partnership in the years to come. Through this agreement, HP and Lenovo will now be the standard laptop and desktop computers for the University. For those employees who currently have a Dell laptop or desktop, the warranty and service for that computer will remain intact. These devices do not need to be replaced and can continue to be used.

As a reminder there is still a pause on discretionary spending (new window). Any purchases must be critical for sustaining our virtualized operations for the remainder of the academic year. 
Your business offices will receive communications and engagement instructions once this agreement is in place. If you need additional information or further assistance, please contact Georgetown Procurement Services at sourcing@georgetown.edu (new window).


David Green

Chief Financial Officer

Dear Colleagues,

After a year-long customer service review, including extensive feedback from the University community, Georgetown Travel Services (GTS) is transitioning to a new managed travel service provider. GTS is pleased to announce this new partnership with Corporate Travel Partners (CTP) effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020. CTP specializes in higher education travel and better understands our needs at the institutional and individual level. 

As we transition to this new provider, the travel moratorium for faculty and staff (new window)remains in place until further notice. When travel resumes, any university-sponsored travel must be booked through Georgetown Travel Services (new window). The service mitigates risk for trip changes or cancellations and also ensures the university is able to provide emergency assistance to its employees and students who are traveling on university business. 

On July 1, the GTS website (new window) will be updated with the most current information on how to book and manage your travel, along with transition related FAQs and training information. If you have authorization to travel during the existing moratorium, details on how to speak to an agent directly in order to book travel will be posted on our website.  

Our new partnership with CTP will provide our travelers with exceptional customer service and enhanced security while ensuring that each itinerary takes full advantage of all university negotiated discounts with our partner airlines, hotels and rental car companies. Georgetown Travel Services is excited to have CTP as our partner, and both CTP and GTS look forward to working with you on all of your travel needs.   

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please do not hesitate to contact our Travel Manager, Sheyna Arthur, at sheyna.arthur@georgetown.edu (new window)


David Green

Chief Financial Officer

Dear Colleagues,

At the Research Town Hall meeting held last Monday, June 15, we announced that faculty who wished to return to campus to conduct research would need to submit a plan for resuming research via GMS (new window) in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the document “Restarting Research Activities at Georgetown: a phased approach. (new window)” 

The GMS portal (new window), through which we invite faculty to submit their resumption plans, is now available. One proposal is required for each research group or unit that intends to resume its work (graduate students and fellows should work with their PI or research leader). Please refer to this useful job aid (new window) for instructions on how to complete the submission form. 

When you complete the online form in GMS, it will be submitted to your department chair. Final approval of plans will be made by the dean, in consultation with the chair and others. 

Please note that even with a dean’s approval, research can only resume after we have reviewed the research reopening plan with the DC Government, and it has agreed to accept it.

As a reminder, for those currently approved to be on campus in support of research activities: wash your hands frequently, don’t come to work if you feel ill, and please remember that you must wear a face covering at all times, except when alone in a private room with a closed door or in a private vehicle. 


Billy Jack, Vice Provost for Research

Moshe Levi, GUMC Interim Dean for Research

Click here (new window) to learn about Georgetown University’s employment actions related to COVID-19.

Purchase Order Compliance

The GMS process for Purchase Order (PO) compliance events will be modified to institute a system-driven hard-stop validation at the issuance of a PO. This will prevent issuing POs that exceed the total contract amount. Cost Center Buyers (CCBs) will receive the following message in GMS with direction to amend the supplier contract:

The total amount on this Purchase Order will exceed the total Supplier Contract amount. This validation considers all POs linked to this Supplier Contract regardless of the PO status, excluding those that are closed. Review all POs and take the necessary actions. Closing the PO linked to the Supplier Contract will increase “PO Balance Remaining” on the Supplier Contract. If you intend to proceed with this PO, amend the Supplier Contract to account for the increase in the Purchase Order amount.

POs auto-sourced from Requisitions will remain in Draft mode and cannot be issued until the contract is amended. The CCB will receive an email alert reminding them to resolve this error before the PO can be issued. Once the contract is amended to increase the value, then the PO can be sourced. There is no need to cancel the PO; the error will go away once the contract is updated. You may need to click View Exceptions again on the PO after you resolve the error to make the error message go away.

Simplified Grant ICA Routing

A new modified workflow for grant-related ICA requests is now available. The goal is to create a fast-tracked review path to mitigate delays in grant-related ICAs. These requests, once reviewed and approved by Tax, will bypass the contract manager (CM) / senior contract manager (SCM) reviews and route directly to Adam Donaldson to review. From there it is approved in GMS, or it can be sent back or routed to Risk Management where applicable.

Please note the following:

  • The effectiveness of this workflow will depend on request submissions that are complete and include all components required for IC types.
  • Cost Center Buyers will need to ensure that they are selecting the appropriate contract type (Grant-related ICA types).

Supplier Contract Type Changes

Supplier contract types have been renamed in GMS, in addition to five new contract types. The linked document (new window) provides more details about the changes

As highlighted in the March 25, 2020 COVID-19 Update (new window) detailing specific resources for Staff/AAPs, a new category of leave is available which will provide paid time off for reasons attributable to COVID-19 (“COVID-19 PTO”). COVID-19 PTO is immediately available to be used if an employee cannot work (or telework) for reasons attributable to COVID-19, as described in the COVID-19 Paid Time Off policy (new window).

A new role is NOW AVAILABLE called GU-Supplier Contract Observer. This new role will allow for the viewing of specific supplier contracts. As part of the rollout, new real-time email status notifications will be sent to this role (and others) during supplier contract requests.

The new role can be assigned to any relevant stakeholder (no other roles required), which are captured on the contract request cover sheet.  The role is assignable by the GU-Cost Center Buyer (CCB) role. Stakeholders assigned this role will be granted view-only access to the contract master record, including Process History and Notes.

The new email notifications for supplier contract events will be sent to the Georgetown email addresses of individuals assigned the GU-Cost Center Buyer and GU-Supplier Contract Observer role associated with the contract event. Individuals will be notified for the following actions:

  • Contract has moved to the next step of the approval workflow
  • New notes have been added to the contract event
  • Supplier contract has been sent back to the CCB
  • Supplier contract has been approved

To help guide the role assignment, GS&PS modified the contract request cover sheet (link (new window)). For guidance on how to assign the supplier contract observer role, please refer to page 15 of the End to End Procurement Guide (new window). Should you have any questions regarding the new role, role assignment, or the GMS notifications, please reach out to either contracts@georgetown.edu (new window) or help@georgetown.edu (new window).

We are excited to announce the launch of the Grants Management training materials in GMS!

You can access these training materials by using the GMS Training Dashboard. This includes Overview, Pre-Award and Post-Award training materials. The HCM and self service training materials will be available in the near future.  

To access the training dashboard, perform the following:

  • Log into GMS
  • Navigate to the Worklets area within the GMS Home Screen
  • Click the GMS Training Worklet
  • View the Announcements, Helpful Resources and the Training Materials table
  • Click the Grants Management tab
  • Select a link within the Click Here to Launch column to view training materials. 

Our hope is that having the Grants Management Training materials within GMS will make it easier to locate the materials and enhance your learning experience.

Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any questions.

Dear Colleagues,

Worksheets and Drive in GMS is now available to all employees!

Drive is a cloud-based repository for documents , and Worksheets is a cloud-based spreadsheet tool. These features were previously only available to certain roles, but going forward all employees can use them in GMS. These features will allow you to analyze, manipulate, and share data directly within GMS. Some other benefits include:

  • Export GMS reports into Worksheets as live data that can be refreshed
  • Export GMS reports into Worksheets as static data
  • Reports exported to Worksheets from GMS allow for drillback to the underlying data
  • Import Excel files and convert them into Worksheets that can be manipulated in GMS
  • Most Excel formulas and functionality are available in Worksheets
  • Direct link sharing capabilities (i.e. static URL)

The easiest way to access these Worksheets and Drive is by clicking on the Cloud icon in the upper right hand corner within GMS and selecting the “Drive” option. For more details, a job aid can also be found in the Employee Self Service section on the GMS Training page (link). You can also refer to Workday’s User Guide accessible directly within Drive and and Worksheets. Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: Reports shared within Worksheets display for other users exactly as you see them regardless of their security/roles. Therefore it is your responsibility to protect any sensitive data (i.e. personally identifiable information, etc) shared within Worksheets in accordance with University policies.

Dear Colleagues,

A new Report Request Form is now available directly within GMS! Here’s how to submit a request:

  • Run the task Create Request
  • The Request Type is Report Request Form

The form allows you to request updates to existing reports, or new reports entirely. These requests will be prioritized accordingly, and not all requests can be or will be fulfilled.

Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any questions.

Dear Colleagues,

From Friday, March 6 at 8 p.m. to Saturday, March 7 at 5 p.m., the Georgetown Management System (GMS) will be unavailable while the Workday 2020R1 update is implemented. The outage will be limited to GMS and does not impact the Georgetown network. The only impact for GU employees will be a temporary inability to access GMS from any internet connection (GU or otherwise) during this outage period. We apologize for any inconvenience and will post updates to gms.georgetown.edu.

This Workday update will deliver several enhancements to GMS; some notable items include:


  • Improved Procurement Requisitioner Experience
    • Streamlined User Interface (Worktags and Shipping Defaults)
    • Guided Tours
  • Expense Report Enhancements
    • Delegation Enhancements (Quick Expenses)
    • Clearer Required Fields (Business Purpose)
  • Grant and Award Enhancements
    • Add Attachments During Award Event(s)
    • Billing Milestones As Award Task
    • Foreign Currency Sponsor Invoices
    • Zero Value Authorized Awards


  • Improved Worker Search and Prompts
  • Updated Candidate Profile for Recruiting
  • Education Attachments
  • Timesheet Display Enhancement

Following the update please refer to the Workday 2020R1 Employee Quick Reference Guide (new window) for more details about these and other changes. The reference guide will be located on the GMS website under the Training section, which contains detailed explanations of the changes you can expect to find in the new release.

If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact the Service Center by emailing help@georgetown.edu or calling (202) 687-4949.

Thank you for your attention.

GMS Team

Dear Colleagues,

With the holidays quickly approaching, please take a moment to review the Holiday Policy (HR Policy #601 (new window)) found on the HR website. Additionally, instructions are listed below and included in this reference guide (new window), which outlines time reporting practices in GMS and options for alternate days off for employees who are required to work during the upcoming holiday break.

Christmas Holiday Timesheet Procedure (December 23 through December 29, 2019)

Holiday hours for the week of 12/23/19 through 12/29/19 are now available on time sheets in GMS. As an Hourly Administrative Employee or as a Manager or Timekeeper of Hourly Administrative Employees, you must take action to submit, review and/or approve these holiday hours as soon as possible in order to ensure the hours are paid. Based on the payroll calendar, the deadline to approve hours for December 23 through December 29 is 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 19 for payment on Friday, January 3, 2020.    

The new time entry alerts will run on Thursday, December 19 as an additional reminder to take action on submitting the holiday hours for this week.  

Full Time Hourly Employees (100% FTE):

Eight hours of holiday will appear on your Timesheet for the dates of Monday, December 23 through Friday, December 27. You MUST navigate to that week (December 23 through December 29) in GMS and click Submit on your Timesheet.

Part Time Hourly Employees (less than 100% FTE):

No hours will automatically appear on your Time sheet for the dates of Monday, December 23 through Friday, December 27. If you are regularly scheduled to work for the day(s) on which a holiday falls, but are NOT required to work:

  1. Input the number of regularly scheduled hours for each of those days using the Time Type of Holiday Part-Time (do NOT input your regularly scheduled hours on your Timesheet).
  2. Click Submit.

Timekeepers and Managers

Please ensure that Timesheets for the week of Monday, December 23 through Friday, December 27 are successfully submitted, reviewed and approved for any hourly administrative employee whose time you are responsible for by 5 p.m. on Thursday, December 19, 2019.

To find the payroll calendar, please go to gms.georgetown.edu (new window) then click on Payroll Calendar.  Time tracking training guides are also available on gms.georgetown.edu (new window) under Training.

New Year’s Timesheet Procedure (December 30, 2019 through January 5, 2020)

Holiday hours for the week of Monday, December 30, 2019 through Sunday, January 5, 2020 are also available on time sheets in GMS. The hours for this week will be paid on Friday, January 17 and as such, are not due until Monday, January 13.  Time sheets for these dates should be completed after returning from the holiday break.

The Human Resources Department

Dear Colleagues,

This memo serves to inform you that the wire request process will change effective Monday, January 6, 2020. The process has been redesigned to minimize error rates and transmission delays. In summary, the existing paper form will be replaced by a digital form that is completed within GMS as part of the following processes: 

  • Requisition (REQ)
  • Purchase Order (PO) / Change Order (CO)
  • Miscellaneous Payment Request (MPREQ)

The digital wire form will be triggered for completion by the Requester in GMS for the following conditions:

  • Payment method is “Wire”
    • Applies to REQs, POs, COs, and MPREQs
  • Requisition Type is “Wire Request”
    • Only applies to REQs
  • Invoice type is “Wire Request”
    • Only applies to MPREQ

The payment will first be reviewed by Accounts Payable to confirm if wire is the appropriate payment method. Then Treasury Operations will review the information for completeness and will return to the Requester if additional information is needed. The process will then route for approval in GMS via the existing workflow. The End to End Procurement Guide (link (new window)) will be updated to reflect these new processes in light of the digital wire form.

To prevent delays, please ensure the following are in place.

  • Supplier must have “wire” as a payment option in their profile. If this option does not exist, please contact the Tax Department.
  • Wire instructions must be provided on the suppliers’ (beneficiary) bank letter head. This will be necessary to complete the digital form and to be attached to process. 

It is important to note that wires are the most sensitive and costly method of payment and will only be used in the following circumstances. All other reasons will be rejected.

  • International payments
  • Contractual obligations 
  • Legal settlements
  • Specific Georgetown benefits

All wires currently being routed for approval will be processed. For questions or concerns, please email faservice@georgetown.edu.


Financial Affairs
GMS Core Team

CC: Accounts Payable Data Entry Specialist, Accounts Payable Settlement Specialist, Cash Analyst, Cost Center Manager, GU-Cost Center Buyer, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Financial Affairs Institutional Reporting, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Requisitioner, GU-Senior Business Manager

Dear Colleagues,

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Georgetown University to provide each employee with a W-2 Form that states compensation and tax withholding amounts for the previous calendar year on or before January 31 of the following year.

In 2004, the IRS approved the use of electronic W-2 statements. For the third year, GU employees may now choose to receive their W-2 statement electronically instead of having a paper copy sent through the mail. 

The benefits of receiving an electronic W-2 statement include:

  • Earlier access
  • Reduces the possibility of the W-2 being lost or stolen
  • Access to W-2 when away from usual home or work location
  • Compensation and tax withholding information may easily be downloaded into many tax preparation software programs

Employers must comply with specific IRS regulations to use electronic W-2s and employees must provide their consent to receive an electronic W-2 instead of a paper copy. This notice contains the required IRS disclosure information and instructions for you to consent to receive your W-2 electronically instead of a paper copy. If you have any questions regarding this notice, or your W-2 statement, please contact Payroll Services.

Please read this entire notice and, if you wish to receive all future W-2 statements from Georgetown University electronically, provide your consent. If you do not provide this consent by January 2, 2020, you will continue to receive a paper copy of your W-2 statement. If you have already provided consent to receive your W-2 electronically, no further action is required. Your consent will remain in effect until you revoke it or are no longer employed by Georgetown University.

To assure compliance with this requirement, employees who wish to receive their W-2 electronically, must:

  1. Log in to GMS
  2. On your Home Screen, click the Pay worklet.
  3. In the View section, click My Tax Documents.
  4. In the Printing Election field, click Edit.
    To change your Printing Election, click Edit.
  1. If you would like to opt out of receiving a paper copy of your W-2, click the radio button that states, “Receive electronic copy of my Year End Tax Documents”. Then, read the disclaimer text and, if acceptable, click OK.
    If you would like to opt out of receiving a paper copy of your W-2, click the radio button that states, “Receive electronic copy of my Year End Tax Documents”. Then, read the disclaimer text and, if acceptable, click OK.

If you are unable to provide consent in this preferred manner, please contact Payroll Services no later than January 2, 2020. Consent will automatically cease when you are no longer employed by Georgetown University.
An employee who chooses to receive his/her W-2 statement electronically may withdraw consent. The employee’s withdrawal of consent will be effective on the date it is received and Payroll Services will confirm in writing or by e-mail the effective date of the consent withdrawal. If consent is withdrawn, it will only be effective for those W-2 statements not yet issued.
To withdraw your consent, send an e-mail or written notice to:

Payroll Services
Georgetown University
2115 Wisconsin Ave, NW, Suite 600
Washington DC 20007

In addition, an employee’s written request to receive a paper copy of their W-2 will be considered a withdrawal of consent for electronic delivery.

If an employee consents to electronic W-2 delivery and the delivery is unable to be made due to a technical problem, incorrect e-mail address, login or password, the employee will receive a paper copy. If there is any change in method of electronic delivery, employees will be notified immediately via e-mail or written notice. Employees are also required to inform Human Resources promptly of any personal address or status changes through the company intranet or by written notification.

Electronic W-2 statements will be accessible for life time of employment.

If electronic consent is completed correctly, you will receive an e-mail notification no later than January 31, 2020, with the subject line “Important Tax Return Document Available.” Thank you for your attention.

Rebecca Risley
Director, Payroll Services

Charles DeSantis
Associate Vice President, Benefits, Payroll and Wellness
Chief Benefits Officer

Dear Colleagues,

With the pending holidays, we have adjusted our payment schedule to ensure we continue to meet all of our payment commitments.

Invoices with due dates of January 6, 2020 or before must be submitted to Financial Affairs Accounts Payable Department via the approved processes below by Friday, December 13.

The final payment settlement for the year will be completed at 10 a.m., Thursday December 19. Therefore, all GMS approvals and receipts must be completed by Thursday December 19 at 9:30 a.m. This settlement will include:

  • All approved staff expense reimbursements
  • Successfully transmitted wire payments
  • Approved invoices with due dates of January 6, 2020 or before

Please note: The payment terms for our supplier Net30 stipulate that payments become due 30 days after the invoice date (not 30 days after the invoice was submitted). With the exception of the holiday payment schedule, payments are generated and issued five days prior to the due date. This is done to account for mailing of checks and ACH (direct deposit) file transmissions.

Have a safe and happy Holidays,

Financial Affairs
Accounts Payable Team

Effective Monday, December 9, all new ProCard requests must be submitted in GMS. This change will allow for automated routing, reduced paper consumption and greater transparency in the application process. Please refer to the job aid (new window) for more details about the new GMS process, including:

  • Prerequisite training 
  • Request initiation process 
  • Request approval process

Another important change to the ProCard application process is the satisfactory completion of ProCard training prior to application submission. The Expense Management Department (formerly ProCard Office) will not process applications for employees who have not yet completed the required training. Regular ProCard training is scheduled on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. To register for training, please email a request to procard@georgetown.edu (new window).

Please note that ProCard applications will be accepted through the current process (paper form and Box folder) through Friday, December 6. The existing Box repository will no longer be available after this date.

Please contact procard@georgetown.edu (new window) if you have any questions or concerns.

In an effort to improve the timely submission and approval of timesheets for hourly employees, new, automated alerts will be sent to employees, timekeepers and managers when:

  • Time has not been entered for the pay period
  • Time has been entered but not submitted for the pay period
  • Time has been submitted but not approved for the pay period

Employees, timekeepers and managers will receive any or all of the new alerts listed above on Mondays of pay weeks to include the previous 14 days. The alerts will replace the reporting and emails sent from the Payroll Services team. Automating this process should help to facilitate better compliance with time entry deadlines and therefore, more timely and accurate employee payments. 

Timekeepers and managers will receive one email per alert type to include all employees who meet the alert’s conditions.In other words, you will receive up to three emails every other Monday and will not receive individual emails for each affected employee.   

In addition to the alerts, various time tracking reports can be utilized to identify the status of time entry for employees in the organizations you support so that appropriate and prompt action can be taken. Examples of such reports include:

Employees can refer to https://financialaffairs.georgetown.edu/payroll/submitting-hours/ and/or https://gms.georgetown.edu/training/ess/ for additional information on recording time in GMS.

A new method of payment is now available in GMS for adjunct faculty. Period Activity Pay supports the payment of employees for fixed-term activities and payment arrangements, such as teaching a class for an academic term. The use of Period Activity Pay is not mandatory, but provides many benefits over the traditional base pay or allowance plan compensation model.

Payments are assigned to an academic period (semester) and evenly distributed among the number of pay periods between the payment start and end dates.While we are not deprecating the Allowance Plan compensation elements currently used to pay adjunct faculty, the advantages of the new functionality include:

  • Additional data points related to academic work (academic period, instructional vs. non instructional activity, activity type)
  • The ability to track activity dates along with payment dates
  • Unlimited Activity Pay assignments for a period per worker

Please review the Period Activity Pay job aid (new window) and training video (new window) for more details regarding this process. Please coordinate with your campus academic affairs office if you plan to use Period Activity Pay.

Thank you,
GMS Core Team

CC: HR Contact, Finance Partner, CFO, Department Administrator, Academic HR Partner, Senior Business Manager

Historically, certain financial data and reports in GMS (Workday) could not inherently be restricted by organization (cost center). Custom filters were added to reports to restrict access to this data based on cost center role assignments. These custom filters caused slower performance and confusion during prompt selection.

Workday has updated the underlying security model to allow for inherent restriction to this data without the need for custom filters. The GMS team has made enhancements to existing reports to uptake these changes. Overall these enhancements will provide consistent security and better performance.

A detailed breakdown of reporting updates is listed below:

The following reports have new prompts for company and organization.  The organization prompt allow you to search for any organization (cost center, grant, project, etc ..) Users that had previously saved filters on these reports will need to re-create those filters.

  • GU Find Requisitions
  • GU Find Purchase Orders

The following reports are only available to company-level roles and we have added a new company prompt.

  • GU Find Supplier Invoices
  • GU Find Receipts
  • GU Find Supplier Contract
  • GU Award Header Information
  • GU Award Line Information
  • GU Find Supplier Contracts – Grants
  • GU Lookup Award for Grants

The following reports are NEW reports for organization-based roles to replace reports listed above:

  • GU Find Supplier Invoices and Lines
  • GU Find Receipts For Organization
  • GU Find Supplier Contracts And Lines For Organization
  • GU Award Header Information for Award Header Roles
  • GU Award Line Information for Award Header Roles
  • GU Award Line Information for Grant Roles
  • GU Find Supplier Contracts – Grants for Grant Roles
  • GU Lookup Award for Grants for Grant Roles

The following reports are now only available to company-level roles. The data contained in these reports (supplier invoice payments) is available to organizational roles via GU Find Supplier Invoices and Lines: 

  • GU Find Supplier Payment
  • GU Find Payment

Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any questions.

During the week of September 23 UIS implemented additional legal entities, known as Companies in GMS. The intent for this project is to create a scalable platform for HR, Payroll and Finance that supports global research activities. To this point GMS has had only one company (Georgetown University) and two currencies (USD and QAR). With this change, GMS will now be able to support:

  • The ability to transact and report financial statements in relevant currencies other than USD and QAR;
  • Daily fluctuating currency exchange rates for relevant currencies;
  • New business processes to facilitate financial transactions between Georgetown University’s legal entities;
  • Differentiated business processes workflows in order to meet legal and operational requirements for conducting research in foreign countries; and
  • Restricted access to data based on role assignments to Companies.

There is expected to be minimal impact to end users who are not assigned roles in these new Companies. There is no action required, but please note that users may notice the following changes beginning on Monday, September 23:

  • Seven (7) new Companies will become visible for users with certain roles;
  • Minor differences to prompt options on reports and transactions, including Company and currency fields;
  • New company-specific HCM master data, such as job profiles, compensation grades and pay group; and
  • Costing Allocation transactions will now include a field for Company Costing.

If you have any questions regarding the impact of Company related fields in your processes please submit a support ticket to help@georgetown.edu.

Between now and October 12th, the University is asking all employees—Faculty, Staff, AAPs, and Fellows—to review, and update as needed, their employee records in GMS.  Each employee will have received an email requesting they update their personal information, emergency contact information, and career information in GMS. The email provides a link to GMS, step-by-step instructions (new window) for updating records, and helpful FAQs. 

It is critical for the University to have up-to-date employee records. Your participation helps the University fulfill its mission and commitment to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace. Furthermore, as a federal contractor, the University is required by federal law to solicit and report on the demographic information of our employee population, such as their gender and race/ethnicity. We experience compliance difficulties because employees often do not provide this information. We appreciate your cooperation and assistance in reviewing your information and providing answers to all requested data fields in GMS. 

GU-Q EMPLOYEES: If there are any changes to your employee record, please contact Eunice Dickerson, GU-Q Payroll and Tax Manager, at sfsqpayroll@georgetown.edu for assistance. Do NOT update your record on your own.

Dear Colleagues, 

Workday 33 is now live in GMS!

With this update, Workday provides several enhancements in regards to the look and feel of the system, including:

  • User Interface (UI) Update to Blue Primary Buttons
  • Enhanced Recruiting Filters
  • Improved Job Profile Prompt
  • Source Requisitions to Existing Purchase Orders

The Workday 33 Employee Quick Reference Guide is available on the GMS website, under the GMS Workday Updates section. These guides contain detailed explanations of the changes you can expect to find in the new release.

If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact the Service Center by emailing help@georgetown.edu or calling (202) 687-4949.

Thank you for your attention.

GMS Team

Dear Colleagues,    

This message is to inform you of upcoming enhancements to payroll processes for expired grants. These changes prevent payroll expenses from posting to expired grants and will be deployed in conjunction with payroll for the bi-weekly pay period ending Sunday, August 11, 2019. This email will provide you an overview of the functionality and how it will impact you.

What does this functionality entail?

At the time payroll runs, if a grant worktag is on a worker’s payroll costing allocation, then the system will check if the grant worktag is expired. If the grant worktag is expired, specifically if the payroll period is outside of the grant’s related Award Line dates (period of performance), then GMS will automatically reallocate the expired payroll expenses from the grant worktag to the worker’s default worktags.

What is an example of this impact? 

The Award Line associated with a grant worktag (GR12345) has an end date of July 31, 2019. A costing allocation exists for a worker that extends through August 31, 2019, and uses the grant worktag. The costing allocation extends past the grant date, so when payroll runs for August 2019, the payroll expenses will post to the default cost center, fund (i.e. 1701), purpose, and program; they will not post to the grant.

What are the implications and what action is necessary?

If payroll expenses default to a worker’s default worktags (due to an expired grant worktag), then the following actions may need to be taken.

  • Update the costing allocation to align with the Award Line dates
  • Work with the Pre-Award office to update the expired grant and the related Award Line
  • Submit a Payroll Accounting Adjustment (PAA) to move the payroll expenses back to the grant (if applicable)

When payroll runs you should be on the lookout for an email to notify you if this has happened and if action is required by you. 

Please keep in mind for federal awards there is a 90-day period for the PAA to be submitted and approved in GMS. Failure to cost transfer the salary within the 90-day period will result in the payroll expense posting to the department’s operating budget and therefore can’t be moved to fund 1802 and billed to the sponsor. Please refer to Financial Affairs policy FA-113: Cost Transfer on Sponsored Projects for more details (link).

I am a Grant Manager, what can I do to avoid this scenario?

Review your award portfolio and confirm the following:

  • The Award Line To Date associated with your grants is not expired
  • Review the costing allocations for workers in your Award portfolio and make sure the Costing Allocation End Dates are within the Award Line To Date.

If you identify anything that needs to be cleaned up, you should coordinate with your Campus Finance and Pre-Award Office(s) to take necessary action. 

For additional questions or concerns, please contact help@georgetown.edu. Thank you for your attention. 


Sponsored Projects Financial Operations (SPFO)

GMS Core Team

CC: Grant Manager, Effort Certification Coordinator, Senior Business Manager, Cost Center Manager, Pre-Award Specialist, Post-Award Specialist, Controller, University Treasurer, Finance CFO  

Dear Colleagues,

This message is to inform you of upcoming changes to the Effort Certification Coordinator role in GMS. The changes will be deployed on Tuesday, August 6 in conjunction with the last effort certification in FY19. Specifically, the Effort Certification Coordinator role will be assignable by Grant.

Prior configuration had the role assignable by Supervisory Organization, where everyone in the same Supervisory Organization was certified by the same person. Based on feedback, this was problematic for a number of reasons, including when workers were in large job management Supervisory Organizations, when workers have multiple jobs, etc. After this change, the role can be assigned with more granularity so all effort for a Grant is certified by the same person, which will improve compliance through more accurate and timely effort certification.

Going forward, the role will be assigned during setup of new grants by the Pre-Award offices, namely the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR). For the initial implementation, the Pre-Award offices provided the mapping of individuals to be assigned the role based in part on feedback from current Grant Managers. Generally speaking, people currently in the Grant Manager role will be assigned the new Effort Certification Coordinator role. To clarify, this new role does not change other parts of the effort certification process — it simply allows greater flexibility in deciding who the appropriate person is to serve in the role of Effort Certification Coordinator.

Webinar-based training sessions will be provided over the next few weeks (registration link (new window)). You can also refer to the Effort Certification job aids (link (new window)) for more details. For additional questions or concerns, please contact help@georgetown.edu.

Thank you for your attention and efforts in keeping the University in compliance.

Sponsored Projects Financial Operations (SPFO)
GMS Core Team

CC: Finance Partner, CFO, Grant Manager, Senior Business Manager, Pre-Award Specialist, Post-Award Specialist, Effort Certification Coordinator (NEW), Controller, University Treasurer

Dear Colleagues,
Effective Sunday, July 21, 2019, Georgetown University will begin using the GMS Expense Report functionality to allocate ProCard transactions. As we approach this date, it is necessary to follow the guidelines below to ensure timely proper allocation and prevent duplication.

All ProCard transactions posted between Monday, July 1 and Saturday, July 20, 2019 must be allocated in PaymentNet or via ProCard Reallocation Journals. Cardholders and responsible administrative staff will have through Wednesday, July 31 to complete reconciliation via PaymentNet, and through Tuesday, August 6 via ProCard Reallocation Journals. 
PaymentNET allocations must include:

  1. Worktags
  2. Business Purpose

All supporting documentation must be submitted by your department’s established process.
Transactions are NOT to remain in Spend Category S0193 – Oth Op Exp – Procurement Card Expense. ProCard accounts with transactions that remain unallocated in PaymentNET for more than 45 days will be escalated for further review and action to the Campus CFO/CBO and the University CFO. 
ProCard transactions posted on or after July 21 will be uploaded into the cardholder’s GMS expense report feed and must be allocated using a GMS Expense Report. Travel reservations charged to Travel Leaders’ centrally billed ProCard will also be posted to the GMS expense report feed. The staff member making the reservation will be responsible for allocating the transactions using GMS’s Expense Report functionality.
Please refer to this link (new window) for GMS Expense Report job aids. Additional training webinars will be available throughout the month of July. You can register for a session here (new window). As a reminder to personnel  managers, you are in the approval workflow for expense reports in GMS going forward, so please familiarize yourself with the process before the July 21 go-live date. 
Due to new requirements for receipts and merchants, in-progress expense reports may need to be sent back and re-routed for approval if not approved before Sunday, July 21. To avoid returns, be sure to approve any in-progress expense reports by midnight on Saturday, July 20.
For Department/Declining Balance Cards (DBCs), additional notification will be sent to the assigned Georgetown employees instructing those persons on how to assign delegates. For questions, contact LaKecia Miller at lfm33@georgetown.edu or (202) 687-8384. 
We thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
Financial Affairs
GMS Core Team

Dear Colleagues,

Based on discussions between Internal Audit and Financial Leadership, general use of the Expense Preparer role in GMS will be discontinued. It was determined the role grants excessive access to expense reports and ProCard transactions. In conjunction with the transition of Procard to GMS Expense Reporting beginning  July 21, this role will be unassigned from most employees. The immediate impact is that expense report preparation will be delegated to a designated employee(s).  

Employees are able to delegate this task (and others) using the “My Delegations” task in GMS (instructions for this can be found here (new window)). To aid with this process, a new role called ‘Delegation Initiator’ has been created, which will allow assignees to create delegations on behalf of other employees. To determine who on your campus has been assigned this role, please contact your campus’ business officer/senior business manager. 

In preparation for the transition of ProCard to GMS Expense Reporting on July 21, it is strongly encouraged that ProCard holders who require assistance in initiating expense reports delegate this task before the go-live date. Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have additional questions or need assistance.

GMS Core Team

CC: Senior Business Manager, Cost Center Manager, Finance CFO’s and Expense Preparers, GMS Core

Dear Colleagues,

This message is to inform you of upcoming enhancements to the Supplier Contract process. On July 1 Tax, Risk, and Legal will be added to the approval workflow in GMS. GS&PS will be able to add the approvers to the workflow on an as needed basis.

This will transition away from using Box and emails for these steps, and enable a more efficient approval process that also gives campuses more visibility into the status of contracts. It will also simplify document storage since all executed contracts and related comments or redlining will be stored in GMS. However, please note that ad hoc approval has not been enabled for contracts requiring IT review by University Information Services (UIS) and will still follow the existing Box process

Please also be aware that the following changes will also take effect on July 1:

  • To enforce existing GS&PS requirements and reduce send backs, hard-stop validations have been added to the Purchase Order (PO) business process.
    • All POs greater than $500 and not sourced from a Requisition.
    • POs with Service Lines greater than or equal to $10k must be linked to a Supplier Contract.
  • To improve reporting and tracking of contracts, worktags (i.e. Cost Center) are now required for all Non-Master Supplier Contract Lines.
    • Campus approvers are not required to approve the Supplier Contract Line, but instead the Cost Center Buyer inputs the related approved REQ # in the Description of the Contract Line.

These enhancements will enable a more efficient overall Supplier Contract process with fewer send backs, more consistency, better reporting, and improved transparency. Overall the changes should have a minimal operational impact on the campuses since no additional campus approvals have been added to the business process. To recap, the only changes to campus processes are:

  • Include worktags on Supplier Contract Lines (no additional campus approval required)
  • Include the approved REQ # on the Supplier Contract Line Description

The End to End Procurement Guide has been updated to reflect these changes (link (new window)); refer to the Contracting (p.11) and Ordering (p.17) sections. Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any further questions or need assistance.

GMS Core Team

CC: Cost Center Buyer, Cost Center Manager, Finance CFO, Financial Reviewer, Financial Reporter, Campus Financial Reporter, Requisitioner, Senior Business Manager, Supplier Contract Specialist