What’s New in GMS – April 6, 2020

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of April 6, 2020.  

GMS Updates

GMS200406.01 – COVID-19 PTO Available

Impacted Roles: Staff and AAP Employees

As highlighted in the March 25, 2020 COVID-19 Update (new window) detailing specific resources for Staff/AAPs, a new category of leave is available which will provide paid time off for reasons attributable to COVID-19 (“COVID-19 PTO”). COVID-19 PTO is immediately available to be used if an employee cannot work (or telework) for reasons attributable to COVID-19, as described in the COVID-19 Paid Time Off policy (new window).

GMS200406.02 – Announcing “My In Progress Tasks” Dashboard and Aged Transaction Email Alerts

Impacted Roles: All Employees

A new dashboard is available to all workers on the GMS Home screen called “My In Progress Tasks.” This dashboard displays all of your inbox tasks with some additional information about the related transactions. There are four tabs:

  • Requiring Action By Me
  • Pending Submission (Saved for Later)
  • My Initiated Transactions In Progress
  • My Approved Transactions In Progress

Some and use cases for the new dashboard include:

  • Sort and filter by business process type
  • Identify transactions that are only awaiting your approval (versus shared approvals)
  • Easily sort by transaction initiation date and aging
  • See all prior approvers and most recent comments
  • Filter on the “Weekly Digest” column to review transactions that would be picked up in the weekly Aged GMS Transactions Requiring Action email (see below)
  • Monitor in progress transactions that you initiated or that you previously approved

HCM Updates

HCM200406.01 – Supervisory Org Change Request

Impacted Roles: Finance Partner, HCM Campus Rep

The Finance Partner role is now able to initiate the Supervisory Organization Change Request in GMS.

HCM200406.02 – External Job Posting Template Updated

The Resume/CV section of the job application template for external candidates now displays as “Cover Letter and Resume/CV” and has instructions that both are required.

HCM200406.03 – Change Job BP Notification

The Change Job business process notification has been updated to include the proposed (new) supervisory org name and number.

HCM200406.04 – Complete Form I-9 BP Notification

The Complete Form I-9 BP Notification to Workers and Managers when Section 1 is submitted has been updated to reflect the University’s Telework Continuity operating status.

HCM200406.05 – Update to report: GU Roster Data Management – Worker & Position Details

Organization Assignments report field enhanced to return all staffing organizations assigned. For example, this field was not returning assignments such as Professional Designation or Jesuit Community

HCM200406.06 – Update to report: Positions Report with Organizations and Compensation

Organization Assignments report field enhanced to return all staffing organizations assigned. For example, this field was not returning assignments such as Professional Designation or Jesuit Community

HCM200406.07 – Update to Request Delegation Change Notification

The Request Delegation Change business process notification has been updated to include the comments when a request is denied or canceled.

Financial Updates

FIN200406.01 – Changes to Procard Application and New DBC Procard Application Request Type

Impacted Roles: Employee As Self, Primary Manager, GU-Senior Business Manager, GU-Finance CFO, Controller, GU-University Treasurer, GU Company Procard Manager

The following updates have been made to the existing Procard Application:

  • Add a flag to indicate if the card will be used by others besides the requester
  • A new $2,500 Travel and Procurement card threshold has been added for selection
  • DBC card options have been removed (in conjunction with new Request Type)

A new Declining Balance Procard Appliction Request Type has been created for those requesting declining balance cards using the Create Request task. The training and approval process is the same for DBCs as that for the standard Procard, but the questions are somewhat different.

FIN200406.02 – Viewpost Check Layout Includes Accounts Payable Contact Information

Viewpost check layout updated to show contact information of Accounts Payable customer service. This information helps suppliers receiving Viewpost checks to reach out to the right personnel and resolve payment issues on a timely manner.

FIN200406.03 – Marked 700+ Award Lines Complete

700+ award lines are past their period of performance and have been marked complete.

FIN200406.04 – GU-Capital Transaction Reviewer Can View Budget Amendments

Impacted Roles: GU-Capital Transaction Reviewer

The GU-Capital Transaction Reviewer can now view budget amendments.

FIN200406.05 – Supplier Punchout Updates (CGHPI)

Impacted Roles: GU-Cost Center Buyer, GU-Requisitioner

All punchouts have been updated to allow for all companies (including CGHPI) to use punchouts. In addition, a bug has been resolved where transactions triggering match exceptions got orphaned and needed to be reassigned.

FIN200406.06 – Updated Report – Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants

The Budget to Actuals Summary – Grants (and variations) have been updated to include payroll obligations for current FY. This will not display any payroll obligations for future fiscal years (i.e. only displays through 6/30/2019).

FIN200406.07 – Updated Report – GU Find Purchase Orders

A new prompt Purchase Order Source Type has been added. This field easily lets the user filter for Punchout vs Non Punchout type purchase orders.

FIN200406.08 – Updated Report – GU Find Procard Applications Report

GU Find Procard Applications report now contains new request type for DBC application and related fields in the output. The name has been changed to GU Find Procard & DBC Applications.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.