What’s New in GMS – December 16, 2022

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of December 16, 2022

HCM Updates

Impacted Roles: Finance Partner, Campus Finance Partner

New system-wide inbox filters for the Finance Partner and Campus Finance Partner roles that allows them to filter their inbox to include adjunct transactions, and another filter to exclude adjunct transactions.

New faculty members for Main Campus now receive a campus specific email as part of their onboarding. This email is delivered to their personal email address.

Impacted Roles: Academic Appointment Manager

New To Do: End Academic Appointment to automatically trigger once an End Contingent Worker Contract business process is submitted. This configuration is to help end active academic appointments upon ending the contract for contingent workers.

Impacted Roles: Manager, HR Contact, Department Administrator

Email alerts launched to notify Managers, HRCs and Department Administrators regarding active student employees who haven’t been paid in 90, 120 and 150 days. The alerts are scheduled daily: once an employee hits the 90, 120 or 150 day threshold, the roles are alerted on that day.

Impacted Roles: Manager, HR Contact, Finance Partner, Compensation Analyst, CFO

Users may now filter the GU Find HR eRequest report by the individual eRequest ID number in the report prompt

Financial Updates

As of December 15, the Journal Entry Request form is available for Main Campus and University Services departments. This form is used to submit requests to the OCFO Campus Accounting Team to initiate an accounting journal in GMS on behalf of the department. The Journal Entry Request is available to ‘Employee as Self’. The form is designed to accept one journal entry per request and must include documentation that supports the requested journal. The initiator will receive notification of requests that have been denied, sent back or completed. Completed request notifications will include the GMS journal number that has been submitted and routed for approval in GMS. The Cost Center Manager and the Senior Business Manager will receive notification when a journal using the source Campus Accounting – Main or Campus Accounting – Univ. Services is posted and the total debits are greater than or equal to $50,000 and $100,000, respectively. The initiator guide can be found here , and the approver guide can be found here .

Impacted Role: GU-Cost Center Buyer

A new Buyer Hub report (secured to the new View: Buyer Hub domain) will enable you to maintain information about requisitions, purchase orders, supplier contracts, and supplier invoices. You can also quickly clear match exceptions for supplier invoices.

Banner Detail Code Request is a new GMS request feature that provides users with a method by which they may request new Banner Detail Codes and/or new Banner Fund Codes. In the search bar, type “Create Request” and select “Banner Detail Code” from the drop-down list. When requesters answer the questions and click “Submit” their request will route to their campus Senior Business Manager, then to the appropriate financial aid professionals for review, approval, and code creation. Available in GMS as of 12/12/22.

As of 12/12/22 expense report workflow has been revised. Primary Manager will receive the expense report in their inbox to validate the expense prior to Financial Reviewer. For University Services, AppZen’s review will take the place of Financial Reviewer.