What’s New in GMS – July 6, 2020

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of July 6, 2020.  

GMS Updates

GMS200706.01 – FY21-FY26 Payroll Commitments and Obligations

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Budget Analyst Finance, GU-Budget Analyst HCM, GU-Campus Budget Analyst, GU-Campus Financial Reporter, GU-Cost-Center-Award-Analyst, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Financial Reporter, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Grant Manager, GU-Lead Principal Investigator, GU-Senior Business Manager

Payroll commitments and obligations have been generated for FY21 thru FY26 as of 7/1/2020. The commitments (open position with a JR) and obligations (filled positions) respect all HCM staffing transactions, including costing allocations, end dates, etc.

This is the first year we have generated payroll commitments and obligations for future years. The related BAR reports have also been updated.

HCM Updates

HCM200706.01 – Freeze Position Initiators

Impacted Roles: Academic HR Partner, Employment and Recruitment Specialist, Compensation Analyst

The following roles are now able to manage position freezes by initiating the Freeze Position BP:

  • Academic HR Partner
  • Employment and Recruitment Specialist
  • Compensation Analyst

HCM200706.02 – Vacant Position Clean Up

Per feedback from campuses, old vacant positions have been closed.

Financial Updates

FIN200706.01 – FY21 Positions Budgets

Impacted Roles: GU-Budget Analyst HCM, GU-Campus Budget Analyst, GU-Campus Budget Officer, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Senior Business Manager

Position budgets have been generated for FY21 based on payroll commitments and obligations. A position budget budget is the expected/budgeted compensation (and fringe) for a single position in a given year. Position budgets include both compensation and fringe benefits by the following dimensions:

  • Ledger Account
  • Fund
  • Spend Category
  • Cost Center

Position budget are automatically for the following spend categories (mapped to related pay components):

  • SAL Base-Pay (S0859)
  • SAL Job-Related Benefits (S0860)
  • FB Departmental Fringe (S0864)

Here are some other helpful materials in the meantime:

Also, here are some key reports to support position budgets and roster management:

  • GU Roster Management – Worker & Position Details
  • GU Position Budget vs Operating Budget
  • GU Position Budgetary Balance
  • GU Position Budgetary Balance by Position

FIN200706.02 – FY21 GMS Ledger Account and Report Changes to Support Budgeting

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Budget Analyst Finance, GU-Budget Analyst HCM, GU-Campus Budget Analyst, GU-Campus Financial Reporter, GU-Cost-Center-Award-Analyst, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Financial Reporter, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Grant Manager, GU-Journal Preparer, GU-Senior Business Manager

The university will go live with a new Workday budget and planning module this summer, which has given us an opportunity to enhance reporting of the budget to reflect actual results. The impact on GMS will include new ledger accounts, new revenue and spend categories, and updates to the system’s reports.

New Ledger Accounts
Fifteen new ledger accounts will be added in GMS for FY2021 to support budgeting and financial planning. Revenue and Spend categories provide specificity for financial transactions. Please refer to the New Accounts (new window) list for the category codes assigned to the new accounts, and refer to the GMS Planning Model (new window) for a complete list of revenue and spend categories with their assigned ledger account.

New Fund Planning Hierarchy
A Planning Hierarchy has been enabled in GMS, Adaptive and Cognos. This hierarchy maps to the UR/TR hierarchy, but allows for higher level funding source planning within Adaptive. Please refer to this mapping for funds (new window) for quick reference.

GMS Reports
Current reports and dashboards displaying revenues and expenses will be updated so the new ledger accounts will appear in the appropriate lines, including:

“Budget-to-Actuals” reports
“GU GAAP” reports
“GU Financial Plan” reports
GMS report updates should be completed by mid July.

GU Analytics (Cognos)
A new statement mapping hierarchy (“AH-15”) has been added to enable the business intelligence environment to produce income statements in the new budget-mapping (Adaptive) format.

A new sectioned income statement report – “Budget_Mapping Report (Adaptive Layout)” – will be available that mimics the layout of the detail model in Adaptive
For additional analysis, current reports that are used to extract/download data will be enriched to include the new statement mapping fields (AH15-AH18), as well as the new fund-planning hierarchy.

The new accounts will be activated in GMS on Saturday, June 27 for immediate use on relevant FY2021 financial transactions, such as tuition and financial aid from the Banner and Destiny systems, and for procurement transactions for the payment of non-service stipends and equipment purchases. After that date, accounts to be inactivated – 50100/74901/75002 – should only be used to complete related financial transactions to close out FY2020.

Should you have any questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact the campus finance office in your respective campus.

FIN200706.03 -Staples IT Punchout: Partnership with Staples for Laptops and Desktops

Impacted Roles: GU-Requisitioner, GU-Cost Center Buyer

Georgetown Procurement Services (GPS) recently concluded a review of select, high-spend commodities at the university, which included desktop and laptop purchases. As a result of this process, effective July 1, 2020, Staples will be Georgetown’s exclusive supplier for Windows-based laptop and desktop computers.

GPS convened a committee comprised of key campus representatives to participate in a extensive competitive bid process to evaluate suppliers who could help the university achieve the following goals:

Significant cost savings for desktop, laptop and peripheral technology supplies.
Better current customer service, including response times, quicker quotes and reduced shipping times.

We look forward to working with Staples as the Georgetown University provider for laptop and desktop computers and to continuing a partnership in the years to come. Through this agreement, HP and Lenovo will now be the standard laptop and desktop computers for the University. For those employees who currently have a Dell laptop or desktop, the warranty and service for that computer will remain intact. These devices do not need to be replaced and can continue to be used.

As a reminder there is still a pause on discretionary spending. Any purchases must be critical for sustaining our virtualized operations for the remainder of the academic year.

Your business offices will receive communications and engagement instructions once this agreement is in place. If you need additional information or further assistance, please contact Georgetown Procurement Services at sourcing@georgetown.edu (new window).

FIN200706.04 – Announcing New Travel Service Provider for University Travel

Impacted Roles: All Employees

After a year-long customer service review, including extensive feedback from the University community, Georgetown Travel Services (GTS) is transitioning to a new managed travel service provider. GTS is pleased to announce this new partnership with Corporate Travel Partners (CTP) effective Wednesday, July 1, 2020. CTP specializes in higher education travel and better understands our needs at the institutional and individual level.

Similar to the previous provider, CTP transactions will be reconciled in GMS.

As we transition to this new provider, the travel moratorium (new window) for faculty and staff remains in place until further notice. When travel resumes, any university-sponsored travel must be booked through Georgetown Travel Services (new window). The service mitigates risk for trip changes or cancellations and also ensures the university is able to provide emergency assistance to its employees and students who are traveling on university business.

On July 1, the GTS website (new window) will be updated with the most current information on how to book and manage your travel, along with transition related FAQs and training information. If you have authorization to travel during the existing moratorium, details on how to speak to an agent directly in order to book travel will be posted on our website.

Our new partnership with CTP will provide our travelers with exceptional customer service and enhanced security while ensuring that each itinerary takes full advantage of all university negotiated discounts with our partner airlines, hotels and rental car companies. Georgetown Travel Services is excited to have CTP as our partner, and both CTP and GTS look forward to working with you on all of your travel needs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this transition, please do not hesitate to contact our Travel Manager, Sheyna Arthur, at sheyna.arthur@georgetown.edu (new window).

FIN200706.05 – Auxiliary Services Chargeback Journal Process

Impacted Roles: GU-Journal Preparer

A new GU-Auxiliary Services role has been created and embedded within the Accounting Journal approval process.

FIN200706.06 – New Report – GU Supplier Invoice Payment Summary

Impacted Roles: Accounts Payable Data Entry Specialist, GU-Capital Transaction Reviewer

A new report has been made available called GU Supplier Invoice Payment Summary. Some key fields on this report include Supplier, Project Number, PO Number, Supplier Invoice Number, Payment Date, and Check Number.

FIN200706.07 – New Report – GU Purchase Order Retention Summary

Impacted Roles: Controller, GU-AVP Approver, GU-Capital Procurement Contract Manager, GU-Capital Project Manager, GU-Capital Project Reviewer, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting Plus, GU-Project Reporter – Construction, GU-Project Reporter – IT, GU-Senior Business Manager, GU-University Treasurer, GU-VP Approver, Project Finance Manager

A new report has been made available called GU Purchase Order Retention Summary. Some key fields on this report include Supplier, Purchase Order, Amount Invoiced, Retention Amount, and Retention Amount Released.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.