What’s New in GMS – June 8, 2020

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of June 8 2020.  

GMS Updates

GMS200608.01 – Updates to Worker Pay Distribution By Pay Group report

Report has been updated to include the worktags from the resulting payroll journal transactions (Cost Center, Fund, Purpose, Program, Grant, and Assignee). Report also shows the default organizations for the worker (Cost Center, Fund, Program, Purpose)

HCM Updates

HCM200608.01 – Change Job Requisition Allows for Job Profile Change for Faculty

Impacted Roles: HR Contact, Academic HR Partner, Finance Partner

The Job Profile can now be edited for Faculty during the Change Job Requisition Business Process. The business process will route to the Finance Partner if the job profile is edited. The Position Restrictions will need to be updated after the effective date of the hire.

HCM200608.02 – Updates to Roster Data Management – Worker & Position Details report

The GU Roster Data Management – Worker & Position Details report output now breaks out the Costing Allocation worktags into their own columns and replaces the multi instance field.

HCM200608.03 – Ability to Cancel in progress Activity Pay Assignments

Impacted Roles: Academic HR Partner, HR Contact

Academic HR Partners and HR Contacts can now cancel in flight Period Activity Pay assignments.

Financial Updates

FIN200608.01 – New Company for 205 CGHPI Tanzania

Company 205 CGHPI Botswana has been repurposed to 205 CGHPI Tanzania.

FIN200608.02 – HSBC Integration – Purpose of Payment

The HSBC banking integration has been updated to include Purpose of Payment.

FIN200608.03 – Additional Custom Fields for Projects

Impacted Roles: GU-Capital Project Manager

The following Additional Information fields are available to be used for Projects:

  • Process Category
  • Project Administrator 2

FIN200608.04 – New Journal Sources Managed by Financial Accounting

Impacted Roles: GU-Journal Preparer

Accounting journal sources, Assistant Controller, GAO Sr. Accountant, and GAO PP&E Journal, have been added for Financial Accounting to distribute the approval of certain journal transaction within the GAO staff. Campus departmental users will be contacted by the Financial Accounting Office if and when there is a need for the department to use one of these new journal sources.

FIN200608.05 – Customer Contract Changes – Customer Content Approvers

Impacted Roles: GU-Customer Content Approver

The Customer Contract business process has been modified so that the the GU-Customer Content Approver is not required for certain cost centers.

FIN200608.06 – Updated Reports – Various Award Reports Updated for Consistency

The following reports have been updated to provide overall consistency in data output and the order and naming of fields on report output.

  • GU Award Header Information
  • GU Award Header Information for Award Header Roles
  • GU Award Header Information – Special Conditions
  • GU Award Line Information
  • GU Award Line Information for Grant Roles
  • GU Award Line Information for Award Header Roles
  • GU Active Costing Allocations with Grants – 1802/1805
  • GU Expiring Awards
  • GU Worktag – Grants

FIN200608.07 – Updated Report – GU Find Requisitions

GU Find Requisitions report now has a prompt for Awaiting Action On. This field will let users filter for requisitions that are awaiting action on a specific person.

FIN200608.08 – Updated Report – GU Find Supplier Invoices & GU Find Supplier Invoices & Lines For Organization

Reports now have a prompt for Awaiting Action On. This field will let users filter for supplier invoices that are awaiting action on a specific person.

FIN200608.09 – Updated Report – GU Award Information – Special Conditions Report

Impacted Roles: IDEAA Adminstrator

The GU Award Information – Special Conditions Report is now shared with the IDEAA Adminstrator Role.

FIN200608.10 – Capital Construction Updates

Impacted Roles: GU-Capital Project Reviewer, GU Capital Project Director, GU-AVP Approver, GU-VP Approver, Project Finance Manager, GU-Chief Procurement Officer, GU-University Treasurer, GU-Lease Accountant

The following changes were made to Capital Projects business processes:

  • Add back AVP Approver to Create Project
  • Add back Capital Project Director and AVP Approver to the Purhcase Order business process

FIN200608.11 – All Grant Managers Required for Expense Reports

For the Expense Report business process, if there are multiple Grant Managers for the same Grant, all of them are required to approve going forward.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.