What’s New in GMS – November 8, 2021

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of November 8, 2021. 

Financial Updates

As of September 11th, Workday 2021R2 has been delivered. The most notable changes are outlined below.

General User Experience

  • Enhanced search functionality to include:
    • Easier-to-use search categories (i.e. Tasks, Reports, People, etc).
    • When searching for reports or tasks, these will now pop up within the same window, rather than opening a new page.
    • Search bar is now centered at the top of the page.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • The Career websites will display Georgetown branding.
  • Job requisitions will be able to be completed on mobile devices.
  • Improved accessibility on the absence and time calendars, enabling keyboard-only users to display additional contextual information, and improved contrast standards.


  • Expense report reviewers will now have a new work area to enable faster access to view expense reports.

Please refer to the Workday 2021R2 Employee Quick Reference Guide for more details about these and other changes. The reference guide will be located on the GMS website under the Training section, which contains detailed explanations of the changes you can expect to find in the new release.

If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact the UIS Service Center (help@georgetown.edu).

As of November 1st, GMS expense report transactions will require expense receipts to be uploaded to the corresponding expense line. This change will increase the accuracy and timeliness of the financial review and approval steps. Several important changes are necessary for all who prepare expense reports in GMS. This includes both expenses incurred on a procurement card or reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Expense report receipts will be required at the expense line level. No receipts may be uploaded to the ‘Attachment’ tab on the summary page.
  • Receipts included on an expense line should support the amount for that line only and should agree to the corresponding expense line amount.
  • If you have delegated the expense report task in GMS, please send your receipts as separate documents or images to the employee responsible for completing the expense report on your behalf instead of one large pdf file.
  • Note that expense line itemization is unnecessary for most expense lines, but it is necessary if there is one receipt that needs to be split between different worktags or expense items. Guidelines can be found here.

Should you have any questions, concerns or need further clarification, please contact the finance office in your respective campus.

Impacted Roles: GU-Budget Analyst Finance, GU-Budget Analyst HCM, GU-Campus Budget Analyst

As of October 28th, within Adaptive, the detail Personnel sheets are now avaiable for planning/forecasting. Please use the Detail Model Active Planning and NEW – Personnel Active Planning Dashboard for ease in planning. The Adaptive system has been updated with September 2021 actuals. The Detail FY22 Projection and FY23-FY27 financial plan versions are also available for ALL CAMPUSES.

Below are some important campus deadlines to be aware of:

  • University Services FY2023-FY2027 financial plan due November 15th.
  • – FY2023-FY2027 Enrollment Cube due December 1st.

Sometimes payroll commitments and obligations get out of sync due to retro activity. As of October 15, 2021, payroll commitments (vacant positions with JRs) and payroll obligations (filled positions/jobs) for the current fiscal year through FY27 have been adjusted/fixed. You may notice this on the salary commitments/obligations columns when running BAR reports.

As of August 30th, the operating budget planned in Adaptive has been republished to GMS to reflect any budget updates that were made since the original upload in July.

Impacted Roles: GU-Requisitioner, GU-Cost Center Buyer

As of October 15th, Pre-Clinical Sciences shipping locations were updated with abbreviations to reduce the number of characters on the first line to 25 characters. This should resolve some issues with Fisher Scientific not being able to handle locations longer than 25 characters. If you have a PO using the old address format and you need to do a Change Order against it, then you may need to update the address to the new format at the time of the Change Order. Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any questions or issues.

As of October 29th, the default view for expense reports has been changed from Header to Lines. This will help reduce the number of clicks and confusion when there are any validation errors upon submission.

Impacted Roles: Primary Manager, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Grant Manager, Cost Center Manager, GU-Senior Business Manager, GU-Finance CFO

As of September 16th, the Expense Report Work Area task is now available to all approvers and delegates of approvers, consolidating all expense reports requiring an individual’s action and providing useful details to assist in approval.

Impacted Roles: GU-Q Employees

As of November 1st, the GU-Q HSBC expense report approval workflow has been updated to align with the standard expense report workflow. In addition, the Merchant Name is also now being captured on HSBC procard transactions.

As of September 1st, punchout requisitions have been excluded from the validation to check that services spend categories must be used on services lines and you can longer use a services spend category on a goods line.

Impacted Roles: GU-Capital Project Initiator

As of August 18th, a new project hierarchy has been created for Operating Expenses projects. Transactions using Projects created under this hierarchy follow the regular operating funds approval workflow, and will not follow the capital funds workflow.

Impacted Roles: GU-Accounts Receivable Manager, GU-Post-Award Cash Management Specialist, GU-Post-Award Director

As of September 17th, tax on Supplier Invoices will be accepted and allocated on lines for certain spend categories with a default applicability of 100% Non Recoverable. This was required to allow automated invoices from punchout vendors that charge taxes for purchases in states for which Georgetown University is not tax-exempt

Impacted Roles: GU-Cost Center Buyer, GU-Supplier Contract Initiator, GU-Grant Manager

As of October 28th, Supplier Invoices that are scheduled based on an approved Supplier Contract with Contract Type of Stipend will no longer require Grant Manager approval at the time of invoicing. Instead, All approvals are captured during the initial contract and billing schedule creation.

As of October 15th, Tax Manager approval thresholds have been updated for supplier invoices. The new thresholds are as follows:

  • Honorarium = $50,000
  • Sponsorships and donations = $5,000
  • Relocation = $2,500

As of August 30th, a new company has been established to support the gui2de’s group’s fields operations in Kenya.

As of August 25th, there is an updated FY22 default interest rate for supplier contracts for Leases – 4.195%. Beginning immediately please use 4.195% for leases with contract start dates between 7/1/21 and 6/30/22 for the required field “Interest Rate” located under Lease Details on the Create Supplier Contract task. No action is needed for Lease supplier contracts approved between 7/1/21 and 8/25/21.

Information about the use of interest rate for Leases is also available in the Lease Contract Reference Guide located on the GMS Training page under Procurement.

Impacted Roles: GU-Post-Award Director, GU-Post-Award Manager, GU-Post-Award Specialist, GU-Pre-Award Director, GU-Pre-Award Manager, GU-Pre-Award Specialist

As of of September 23rd, the Sponsor Type was updated for 712 Sponsors based on review with the Pre-Award Offices.

Impacted Roles: GU-Post-Award Director, GU-Post-Award Manager, GU-Post-Award Specialist, GU-Pre-Award Director, GU-Pre-Award Manager, GU-Pre-Award Specialist

As of August 20th, the Pre-Award Offices may now select Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) as an Award Type within the Award Header in GMS. The GU-Pass user may now select IPA as Sponsor Award Type in the GU-Pass proposal.

As of September 20th, a new integration is available with the Campus Groups system for students. This integration will pass all relevant financial information from GMS to the student groups planning platform (Campus Groups).

As of September 17th, “GU Find Supplier Invoices”, “GU Find Supplier Invoice Lines” and “GU Find Supplier Invoices And Lines For Organization” reports were updated to include a new field to show Tax Amount on an invoice.

As of August 20th, special Condition(s) keyed on the Award Proposal now return on the GU Proposal Header Report. Users may also the Special Condition Prompt to filter on a specific Special Condition(s).