What’s New in GMS – October 28, 2019

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of October 28, 2019.  

HCM Updates

HCM191028.01 – Updates to Roster Data Management – Worker & Positions Details Report

Impacted Roles: Academic HR Partner, Campus Department Administrator, CFO, Compensation Analyst, Department Administrator, Employment and Recruitment Specialist, Finance Partner, GMS Core Team, GU-Budget Manager, GU-Campus Budget Analyst, GU-HR Institutional Reporting, HR Contact, HR Executive, IDEAA Administrator, Institutional Reporting, Manager

The report now contains a company prompt default to Georgetown University. This prompt will allow for Position reporting related to other companies. Company has also been added as a report field. The report is also available to the GU-Budget Manager role now.

HCM191028.02 – Manage Goals Update

Impacted Roles: Employee as Self

Senior Level Executives (SLEs) are now able to submit the Manage Goals (standalone) business process.

HCM191028.03 – CGHPI New Location

Cameroon is now set up in GMS for CGHPI.

HCM191028.04 – JM Supervisory Orgs Hiring Restrictions

Impacted Roles: Student Employment Reviewer, HR Contact, Academic HR Partner

Job Management Supervisory Orgs for Part-Time Faculty and Students have been updated to include Hiring Restrictions for Time Type (Part Time) and Job Family (Students or Adjuncts).

Financial Updates

FIN191028.01 – New Reports Available for Live Data in Worksheets

Impacted Roles: All Employees

The following reports can now be selected for Live Data within worksheets:

  • All Workers ACTIVE Costing Allocations by Organization
  • GU Find Suppliers
  • GU Find Requisitions
  • GU Find Purchase Orders
  • GU Find Supplier Invoices
  • GU Find Receipts
  • GU Find Supplier Payment
  • GU Find Payment
  • GU Find Customer Invoices (Awards)
  • GU Income and Expense Journal Transactions
  • GU Income and Expense Journal Transactions – Grants
  • GU Find Journal Lines
  • GU Find Journals
  • GU Compensation Changes Report

FIN191028.02 – Prevent Personal Expense for Reimbursements

Impacted Roles: Employee as Self, Delegate, Expense Preparer

A hard stop validation has been added which will disallow the use of the personal checkbox on expense report transactions when no procard (or Travel Leaders card) is assigned to the transaction.

FIN191028.03 – Imputed Income Routing Updates

Impacted Roles: GU-Tax Manager, GU-Senior Business Manager

The following spend categories no longer route for imputed income if submitted later than 60 days:

  • Travel & Bus – Hotel & Lodging – Domestic (S0328)
  • Travel & Bus – Hotel & Lodging – International (S0329)
  • Travel & Bus – Train (S0333)

FIN191028.04 – New Inbox Filter for Reimbursable Expense Reports

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Grant Manager, GU-Senior Business Manager, Primary Manager, Project Finance Manager, GU-Tax Manager, GU-University Treasurer

A new system inbox filter is available to identify Reimbursable Expense Reports (i.e. not tied to Procard Transactions). This is available to the following roles:

  • Cost Center Manager
  • GU-Finance CFO
  • GU-Financial Reviewer
  • GU-Grant Manager
  • GU-Senior Business Manager
  • Primary Manager
  • Project Finance Manager
  • GU-Tax Manager
  • GU-University Treasurer

FIN191028.05 – Bug Fix for Invoices Over $10k

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Cost Center Buyer, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Grant Manager, GU-Senior Business Manager

There was a bug impacting a limited population of transactions whereby the system was not requiring Service Purchase Orders over $10k to be linked to a Supplier Contract. This bug has been fixed.

FIN191028.06 – Additional Currency Exchanges Rates Now Available

Impacted Roles: All Employees

The daily integration to load exchange rates has been updated to include the following additional currencies:

  • AUD – Australian Dollar (Australia)
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar (Canada)
  • CHF – Swiss Franc (Switzerland)
  • CLP – Chilean Peso (Chile)
  • EUR – Euro (European Union) – Europe
  • GBP – Pound Sterling (Great Britain)
  • HKD – Hong Kong Dollar (Hong Kong)
  • JPY – Japanese Yen (Japan)
  • KES – Kenyan Shilling (Kenya)
  • MAD – Moroccan Dirham – (Morocco)
  • MXN – Mexican Peso (Mexico)
  • PLN – Polish Zloty (Poland)
  • SGD – Singapore Dollar (Singapore)
  • ZAR – South African Rand (South Africa)

This means you can enter transactions (expense reports) in these currencies, and the system will automatically convert this to USD.”

FIN191028.07 – Additional Ship-To Addresses for Apple Punchout

Impacted Roles: GU-Requisitioner, GU-Coster Center Buyer

McDonough 152 has been added as a valid ship-to location for the Apple Punchout.

FIN191028.08 – 90 Days Alerts Configured For Procard

Impacted Roles: All Employees

There is a new 90 day alert configured for unexpensed procard transactions. This alert will fire daily individuals, delegates, managers when a transaction is between 85-90 days old and has not been expensed.

FIN191028.09 – Updates to GU Find Procard Transactions Report

Impacted Roles: Controller, Cost Center Manager , Expense Settlement Specialist, Finance Auditor, GMS Core Team, GU-Campus Financial Reporter, GU-Chief Procurement Officer, GU-Company Procard Manager, GU-Department Procard Manager, GU-Expense Preparer, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting Plus, GU-Financial Affairs Institutional Reporting, GU-Financial Reporter, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Senior Business Manager

Expense Report Approval Date has been added to the available prompts on GU Find Procard Transactions.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.