What’s New in GMS – September 23, 2019

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of September 23, 2019.  

GMS Updates

GMS190924.01 – Updates to GU Current Delegations By Organization report

Impacted Roles: CFO, Controller, Cost Center Manager, Employment and Recruitment Specialist, Expense Settlement Specialist, GU-Campus Financial Reporter, GU-Chief Procurement Officer, GU-Company Procard Manager, GU-Delegation Initiator, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting Plus, GU-Financial Affairs Institutional Reporting, GU-Financial Reporter, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Grant Manager, GU-Senior Business Manager, HR Client Service Partner, Manager, Primary Manager

The GU Current Delegations By Organization Report now includes the Initiator of the delegation request.

HCM Updates

HCM190924.01 – Goal Setting for Qatar

Impacted Roles: Employee as Self, Manager

Qatar Workers now have the ability to Manage Goals in GMS.

Financial Updates

FIN190924.01 – Updates to GU Employees With Outstanding Receivables Balance report

Impacted Roles:  Controller, Cost Center Manager, Expense Settlement Specialist, GU-Chief Procurement Officer, GU-Company Procard Manager, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting Plus, GU-Financial Affairs Institutional Reporting, GU-Senior Business Manager

Report now includes a checkbox to return employees with paid off receivable balances. The repayments drill down now includes expense reports related to the repayments. Also the summation fields are now to set to return 2 decimal places.

FIN190924.02 – Procard 60 Day Alert Update

Impacted Roles: All Employees

The Procard 60 Day Alert runs daily for unexpensed transactions aged from 55 – 60 Days.

FIN190924.03 – New Supplier Contract Roles

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Cost Center Buyer, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Senior Business Manager, GU-Requisitioner

New supplier contract manager roles have been created to facilitate faster review; there is a separate role for General, Facilities, Services, and UIS (and Qatar). These new roles apply in both the new supplier contract and supplier supplier contract amendment workflows.

FIN190924.04 – Role Approval Matrix Changes

Impacted Roles: GU-Finance Role Requester

The following roles are now approved by Controller (instead of Procurement Data Steward):

  • Accounts Payable Analyst
  • Accounts Payable Data Entry Specialist
  • GU-Company Procard Manager
  • GU-Department Procard Manager
  • GU-Operating Lease Invoice Schedulers
  • GU-Sub-Grantee Invoice Specialist
  • GU-Supplier Invoice Editor

FIN190924.05 – New Customer Contact Role

Impacted Roles: Tax Approver, Customer Contract Specialist

An internal GU customer contact(s) can now be tagged for each customer. This is managed using a new role called GU-Customer Contact, and this contact person should be provided to Tax during the customer setup request.

FIN190924.06 – Customer Refund Changes

Impacted Roles: Customer Contract Specialist, Accounts Receivable Manager, University Treasurer

The customer refund process has been changed to enable initiation by the customer contract specialist. It will then route to the Accounts Receivable Manager and, if over $25K, to the Treasurer.

FIN190924.07 – Cash Advance Threshold Changed to $5k

Impacted Roles: GU Finance CFO

The Finance CFO approval threshold for cash advances has been changed from $10K to $5K to be consistent with the rest of expense activity.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.