What’s New in GMS – December 17, 2018

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of December 17, 2018.  

HCM Update

HCM181217.01 – Position Budget Report Updates

Impacted Roles: CFO, Finance Partner, GU-Budget Analyst HCM, GU-Campus Budget Analyst, GU-Campus Budget Officer, GU-Senior Business Manager

The following position budget reports have been updated:

  • GU Position Budgetary Balance
  • GU Position Budgetary Balance By Position
  • GU Position Budget Vs Operating Budget

These reports have been updated to address some bugs:

  • Did not always exclude some non-base pay spend categories from totals
  • Sometimes would only capture the budget amendment amount (i.e. change in budget was displayed, instead of final budget)
  • Fringe exclusion filters did not always behave as expected

The GU Position Budget by FY has also been decommissioned.

HCM181217.02 – Holiday Hours for Hourly Employees

Impacted Roles: Employee as Self (regular, full-time, non-exempt), Timekeepers, Managers

Holiday hours for hourly employees are not automatically included on timesheets. The hours are added by either 1) entering a time block or 2) by the GMS Core Team running a time calculation process.  

The time calculations for the week of 12/24/18 through 12/30/18 are complete in GMS and the holiday hours have been added to timesheets.  Full-time, holiday eligible employees, their Timekeepers and Managers must review, submit and approve the holiday hours to ensure they are included on the 1/4/19 pay date.  Based on the payroll calendar, the deadline to approve the hours is 5 pm on Friday, 12/21/18.

Please follow schedules set by departments for employees to have all entries submitted and approved in GMS on time.    

To find the payroll calendar, please go to gms.georgetown.edu then click on Payroll Calendar.

HCM181217.03 – Review Time

Impacted Roles: Manager, Timekeeper, Department Administrator, HR Client Service Partner, HR Contact

The Review Time report is now available in GMS, which gives Managers and Timekeepers the ability to review and approve time for multiple workers at once as an alternative to the Inbox.  Time entry can still be approved on an individual basis from the GMS Inbox. Additional information on how to use this new feature is available here.

Department Administrators, HR Client Service Partners, and HR Contacts also have access to the Review Time report but are unable to approve time, unless they are also assigned to the Manager or Timekeeper role.

HCM181217.05 – Recruiting Reference Check Update

Impacted Roles: Primary Recruiter

The Reference Check step of the Job Application Business Process now allows Primary Recruiters to move candidates into “Background Check – Internal Not Required”. Previously this was not included and Primary Recruiters only had the option for External or Internal Required Background Checks.

HCM181217.06 – Positions Report With Organizations and Compensation Report Update

Impacted Roles: Academic HR Partner, CFO, Dean’s Office Reviewer, Department Administrator, Employment and Recruitment Specialist, Finance Reporting, HR Contact, HR Executive, Manager, Student Employment Reviewer, University HR Partner

The Positions Report With Organization and Compensation had mislabeled cost Center Hierarchy field. This was corrected and a new column for Cost Center Department was also added. 

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.