What’s New in GMS – February 4, 2019

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of February 4, 2019.  

HCM Update

HCM190204.01 – Updates to Roster Data Management Report

Impacted Roles: Academic HR Partner, Benefits Management, CFO, Compensation Analyst, Employment and Recruitment Specialist, Finance Partner, GU-HR Institutional Reporting, HR Contact, HR Executive, IDEAA Administrator

The GU Roster Data Management – Employees Not Paid in 90 Days has been renamed as GU Roster Data Management – Aging For Active But Unpaid Employees.  Additional changes to the report include:

  • New Fields Added to report output
    • Rehired After Last Payment Date? (True/False field based on if most recent Hire Date was after the last payment date for worker)
    • Worker Has In Progress Timesheet (T/F field based on worker’s unsubmitted and unapproved timesheets across all worker’s jobs
    • Link to In Progress Timesheet(s) (Lists out Timesheets that are in progress for worker)
  • Filter Updates
    • Removed Last Paid Date more than 90 days ago filter
    • Added in New Prompt Filter for Number Of Days since last paid
      • Default is 90
    • Hire Date is less than Current Pay Period Start Date
    • Prompt for excluding workers with in progress timesheets
    • Prompt for including workers that have been rehired after last payment date

Financials Update

FIN190204.01 – Miscellaneous Supplier Invoice Payment Request

Impacted Roles: GU-Requisitioner, Accounts Payable Data Entry Specialist, Financial Reviewer

This process is replacing the Miscellaneous Payment Request Form. With this deployment:

  • Miscellaneous Payment Request will be processed & approved in GMS as Supplier Invoice Request.
  • GU-Requisitioners will have the ability to “Create Supplier Invoice Requests.” Each request will be created with a unique ID number.
  • Requests will be reviewed by Financial Reviewer.
  • Accounts Payable Dept. will review and Create Supplier Invoice from Supplier Invoice Request.
  • The Supplier Invoice will be routed for Financial approvals.
  • Notifications will be sent to Requisitioner when AP creates the the Supplier Invoice.

Refer to the job aid called “Miscellaneous Supplier Invoice Request Job Aid” on the GMS Training website.

FIN190204.02 – Add External Supplier Invoice Number to Reports

Impacted Roles: BI EIB Reporting Users, Cost Center Manager, GU-Assignee, GU-Campus, Financial Reporter, GU-Co-Principal Investigator, GU-Finance CFO, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting Plus, GU-Financial Reporter, GU-Grant Manager, GU-Lead Principal Investigator, GU-Principal Investigator, GU-Senior Business Manager, Finance Auditor, GU-Cost Center Buyer, GU-Financial Reviewer, GU-Fund Manager, GU-Grant Financial Analyst, GU-Post-Award Director, GU-Post-Award Manager, GU-Post-Award Specialist, GU – Project Reporter – Construction, GU – Project Reporter – IT, GU-Q-Post-Award Manager, GU-Tax Approver, Project Finance Manager

The following report have been updated to include the supplier invoice number from supplier’s system:

  • GU Income and Expense Journal Transactions
  • Non Payroll Journal Transactions

f you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.