What’s New in GMS – July 1, 2019

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Please be aware of the following recent updates to GMS processes, job aids or reports as of July 1, 2019.  

HCM Updates

HCM190701.01 – Personal Information and Legal Name Change Updates

Impacted Roles: HR Contact, I9 Analyst

The Personal Information Change and Legal Name Change business processes have been updated to route to the I9 Analyst role, instead of the HR Contact role. Notification and Help Text language has been updated.

HCM190701.02 – Updated Sharing For HCM Bp Workload Report

Impacted Roles: CFO, Department Administrator, Finance Partner, HR Contact

The GU HCM BP Workload By Month report is now available to the following roles: CFO, Department Administrator, Finance Partner, HR Contact

HCM190701.03 – New Contingent Job Families and New DBC Reconciler Job Profiles

Impacted Roles: HR Contact, Student Employment Reviewer, Employment and Recruitment Specialist

Contingent Administrative and Contingent Student Job Families have been created. There are two new job profiles associated with those job families – DBC Reconciler and Student DBC Reconciler.  For more information on managing procard expenses in GMS please review the related job aid here.     

HCM190701.04 – Additional Job Condition Rule

Impacted Roles: HR Contact, Student Employment Reviewer, Employment and Recruitment Specialist

New condition rule so that a worker who has a primary student job cannot be hired into an additional administrative job.

HCM190701.05 – FY20 Position Budgets Available

Impacted Roles: Budget Analyst HCM, Senior Business Manager, Campus Budget Officer, Finance Partner, CFO

The FY20 Position Budgets have been generated and are available for review and updating.  Please review the Position Budget job aids for details on how to maintain Position Budgets.  As a reminder, Budget Check remains temporarily disabled as a the policy is revised and updated.

HCM190701.06 – Faculty Job Application

Impacted Roles: Faculty Candidates

Faculty Job Candidates will now be able to enter their Education as part of the job application, if the position was posted on the faculty career site. This is optional for candidates, but if it is entered, it will pull through to the employee record if hired. 

HCM190701.07 – Staff Job Application

Impacted Roles: Administrative Candidates 

Candidates that apply to the Staff/AAP, Qatar, and Hoya Staffing career sites will no longer be prompted to enter skills. Previously the Skills section was available as part of the job application; however, no skills were populated for candidates to select. There will be no change to what the Primary Recruiter sees when reviewing candidates. 

Financials Update

FIN190701.01 – Supplier Contract and Sourcing Enhancements

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Buyer, Cost Center Manager, Finance CFO, Financial Reviewer, Financial Reporter, Campus Financial Reporter, Requisitioner, Senior Business Manager, Supplier Contract Specialist

We are now live with the following enhancements to the Supplier Contract process in GMS:

  • Tax, Risk, and Legal have been added to the approval workflow in GMS. This will transition away from using Box and emails for these steps.
  • To enforce existing GS&PS requirements and reduce send backs, hard-stop validations have been added to the Purchase Order (PO) business process. All POs greater than $500 and not sourced from a Requisition. Also, POs with Service Lines greater than or equal to $10k must be linked to a Supplier Contract. Please note that this does not apply to capital contracts.
  • To improve reporting and tracking of contracts, worktags (i.e. Cost Center) are now required for all Non-Master Supplier Contract Lines. Campus approvers are not required to approve the Supplier Contract Line (except for leases), but instead the Cost Center Buyer inputs the related approved REQ # in the Description of the Contract Line.

These enhancements will enable a more efficient overall Supplier Contract process with fewer send backs, more consistency, better reporting, and improved transparency. Overall the changes should have a minimal operational impact on the campuses since no additional campus approvals have been added to the business process. To recap, the only changes to campus processes are:

  • Include worktags on Supplier Contract Lines (no additional campus approval required)
  • Include the approved REQ # on the Supplier Contract Line Description

The End to End Procurement Guide has been updated to reflect these changes (link); refer to the Contracting (p.11) and Ordering (p.17) sections. In addition a new summary job aid has been created for the Supplier Contract process (link). 

Please reach out to help@georgetown.edu if you have any further questions or need assistance.

FIN190701.02 – Email Alerts for Important Customer Contract Dates

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, Customer Contract Specialist,  GU-Senior Business Manager, GU-Finance CFO

You can define dates on approved customer contracts that will trigger an email alert to the Cost Center Manager as reminders to perform a customer contract action (i.e. contract renewal). Refer to the Appendix IX (p.31) of the Revenue Generating Agreements job aid for information.

FIN190701.03 – New Report Available: GU Find Customer Contract Lines

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Campus Financial Reporter, GU-Finance Institutional Reporting, GU-Financial Reporter

GU Find Customer Contract Lines is a new report that shows line level detail for Customer Contracts based on organizational role access. Users will only be able to access lines with worktags that they have access to. 

FIN190701.04 – Expanded Access to View Customer Contracts

Impacted Roles: Cost Center Manager, GU-Financial Reporter

Cost Center Manager and Financial Reporters now have ability to view customer contracts due to new security updates

FIN190701.05 – Updates to GU Find Purchase Orders

GU Find Purchase Orders now has a new field on report output to identify if line was goods/services. We have also added in start and end dates when line is service. 

FIN190701.06 – Updates to GU Find Requisitions

GU Find Requisitions now has a new field on report output to identify if line was goods/services. We have also added in start and end dates when line is service. 

FIN190701.07 – Updates to GU Find Expense Reports

GU Find Expense Reports updated to include CCH hierarchy in report output. Report now displays Division, Department, School, and Campus fields. 

FIN190701.08 – Grants Costing Allocation – Bug Fix

Impacted Roles: Academic HR Partner, CFO, Department Administrator, Grant Manager, HR Contact, Finance Partner, GU-Senior Business Manager

A bug has been fixed that prevented initiation of costing allocations when a grant worktag is associated with multiple award lines.

FIN190701.09 – Updates to My Awards – Funding and Balance LTD

Impacted Roles: Lead PI, Grant Manager

The Commitment and Obligations on My Awards – Funding and Balance LTD report displayed on the PI and GM dashboard has been updated to exclude Payroll results.

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.