What’s New in GMS – June 19, 2017

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Reference IDs for each update have been added to help facilitate easy reference to updates in communications and support tickets.

HCM Updates

  • HCM170619.01 – Updated Recruiting job aids are now available on the GMS training website.  Updates include additional guidance around dispositioning and duplicate candidate management.  Please review the updated materials here.
  • HCM170619.02 – For Faculty members with additional jobs in a leadership capacity, a new Faculty Leadership Job Family was created. This Job Family includes the following job profiles that should be used when completing a relevant Add Additional Job process:
    • Dean
    • Senior Associate Dean
    • Associate Dean
    • Department Chair
    • Director
    • Associate Director
  • HCM170619.03 – The External Career Site for Staff/AAP has been updated to further highlight that internal candidates should not apply through the External Career Site. Instead, internal candidates should apply in GMS by accessing the Jobs at Georgetown Report. It is incredibly important that internal candidates pay attention to this message as it creates issues in GMS when trying to hire an internal candidate that applied on the External Career Site.
  • HCM170619.04 – The GU Position Restrictions report has been updated to include additional fields in order to provide a more complete report of restriction information.  The additional fields include:
    • Job Family
    • Job Profile
    • Location
    • Time Type
    • Worker Type
    • Worker Sub-Type
  • HCM170619.05 – The Request Time Off Notification to Employees has been updated to include a reminder to that if the worker is going to be out of the office or unable to access GMS for a period of time they should consider delegating some or all of their GMS tasks to someone else in their organization.
  • HCM170619.06 – The Post Job task has been updated so that the Job Requisition can be posted internally even when one of the following Recruiting Instructions are used:
    • Do Not Post – Faculty Position
    • Do Not Post – Overlap Positions
    • Do Not Post – Temp Position
    • IDEAA Waiver of Recruitment Procedure

Making this change eliminates the need to edit the Job Requisition to change the Recruiting Instructions in order to post the job internally and create an internal candidate’s job application.  

  • HCM170619.07 – The Onboarding step and link for Administrative Employees to Review the Employee Handbook has been revised to direct Administrative Employees to review the HR Policy Manual instead.

Finance Updates

  • FIN170619.01 – Two Special Conditions have been added to the picklist in the Award module:  
    • “DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement)”
    • “FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation)”
  • FIN170619.02 – The Financial Reports I Can Run report has been updated so that reports are now categorized and sorted by run history. As in the past, this report can be configured as an optional Worklet that can appear on your GMS Home page. Running this report will show a user all financial reports that they have access to.
  • FIN170619.03 – A new report, GU Pro Card (S0193) Recon – Summary, has been deployed that will help users see a summary of the Unallocated ProCard charges sitting in each Cost Center. This report is shared with users with Cost Center based roles.
  • FIN170619.04 – Added Supplier Contract Type Legal for Capital Construction Project Contracts

If you have questions regarding these changes or any other GMS support questions please contact help@georgetown.edu.