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Dear Colleagues,

As of January 22nd, the 2014 W-2 forms are available in the Georgetown Management System (GMS) for viewing and downloading.  The forms have also been mailed to the primary home address that is on file in GMS (for Faculty & Staff) or the home address on file with the University Registrar (for Students). 

Former employees will be sent a copy of their 2014 W-2 form via the U.S. Post Office mail.  If you are contacted by a former employee who did not receive their W-2 form, please ask them to email the Payroll Services department at payrollservices@georgetown.edu.

If you have any questions regarding your 2014 W-2 form, please email Payroll Services at payrollservices@georgetown.edu.

Thank you,

Claudette Richardson
Director of Payroll Services

Charles DeSantis
AVP, Benefits, Payroll & Wellness
Chief Benefits Officer