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Dear Members of the Georgetown Community,

We are happy to announce that beginning today (July 20, 2015), time tracking for Hourly Student Employees is now available within GMS. Hourly Student Employees are now able to enter in the start and end times (in/out) of hours worked directly into GMS using their iOS/Android device or PC.

How does this impact Hourly Student Employees?

  • A paper timesheet will no longer be required (unless required by the department).
  • Start and end times (in/out) for hours worked will be entered directly into GMS and submitted for approval by the Timekeeper/Manager.
  • Time can be entered into GMS using an iOS/Android device or PC.

How does this impact Timekeepers/Managers?

  • If the department no longer requires paper timesheets, Timekeepers no longer need to enter time on behalf of the student.
  • If the department continues to require paper timesheets, Timekeepers will enter the start and end times (in/out) from the paper timesheet into GMS and submit/approve. Similar to today, the paper timesheet must be retained for audit purposes.
  • Timekeepers/Managers are still required to approve the time submitted by students.

How does this benefit the University?

  • Compliant with the DC Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Improves tracking, reporting, and audit capabilities

When Will Non Student Hourly Employees Get this Functionality?

  • All Non Student Hourly Employees will transition to electronic time sheets in October of 2015. 
  • In the coming months, the GMS team and campus subject matter experts will be meeting with departments to gather requirements to inform the transition of non-student hourly employees. We will update the community with actual Go-Live dates in a separate communication

What Training Materials are Available?

  • If you are a student employee and wish to learn more about time tracking for student employees, please review the training materials here
  • If you are a manager and/or timekeeper for student employees and which to learn more about time tracking from students, please review the training materials here

For questions regarding student employment or time tracking related to student employment please contact the Student Employment Office at finseo@georgetown.edu or via (202) 687-4187.

If you encounter any GMS issues, please contact the Service Center by emailing help@georgetown.edu or calling (202) 687-4949.

The Office of Student Employment
The Department of Human Resources