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Dear Colleagues,

I want to share with you information we have gained about Georgetown’s use of our new financial system now that we have been operational for 10 weeks. We have made a preliminary assessment in order to prioritize our on-going work to assist users in making effective use of the new system.

At go-live on June 30th, we added an additional 1,174 financial system users to GMS, which had been operational for HR, Benefits and Payroll since January 2012.  Since June 30th we have processed over 15,000 transactions, including expense reports, requisitions, purchase orders and supplier invoices.   

Overall from a system perspective the financial system is working as planned.  Any downtime has been minimal and the system is quite responsive, despite the volume of activity.  However, we are aware of some issues that have come up primarily in three areas.  I want to share with you our understanding of the issues and the steps we are taking to remediate them.

Delay in Invoice Processing

Accounts Payable has processed 6,570 invoices since go-live (5,234 have been paid and the remainder are in various stages of the approval process).  While this is a large number, our accounts payable unit has experienced a learning curve in making use of the new system so a backlog has developed.  In order to increase the number of invoices processed we have re-deployed staff to this function and are focusing on the most urgent payments first.

If you are receiving inquiries from suppliers regarding payments please refer these suppliers directly to Curt Topper (, AVP, Purchasing, Contracts & Accounts Payable, or Michael Robinson (, Director, Accounts Payable.  If you are concerned about the status of certain payments please let Curt or Michael know.  We are grateful for your continued patience. 

We apologize for the limited and inconsistent feedback and communications that many of you have received from the AP team about pending transactions as they develop greater expertise in using the system.   We are working to improve our performance on this front as well.  As we proceed however, please do not re-submit payment requests or invoices unless you are asked to do so.  Re-submission will increase the likelihood of errors and duplicate payments.

Grants Functionality-Change in Award Budgets Data Conversion

At go-live, the authorized amount and anticipated amount for future fiscal years were converted as one lump sum amount.  This has caused difficulties in reporting.  To remediate this problem we reconverted the data so that the authorized amount and anticipated amount are now split out into separate balances for future fiscal years.  This re-conversion is now complete and in production.

Difficulty in viewing research / start-up funds or beginning balances

Research / Start-up Funds
Research / Start-up funds are assigned to a worktag labeled “Assignee” within a cost center.  In the past, with our previous PeopleSoft financial system, these funds were often held in a unique cost center and reporting or view capability for that cost center could be assigned to that individual.  In GMS, cost centers have a different meaning and often represent whole departments.  Currently, in GMS there is no ability to restrict reporting or view capability at such a granular level.  This is an issue that we are reviewing, but pending a resolution the Cost Center Manager or Financial Reporter for your cost center should be able to run a report and obtain the information for you. Cost Center Managers and Financial Reporters have roles in the system which allow them to run reports for all the activities in a department. If you do not know your Cost Center Manager or Financial Reporter please contact your Campus Representative:

Main Campus:  Heather Malneritch ( Patrick Gordon (

Medical Center: Muftiat Fahm ( / Venishea Butler (

Law Center: Caroline Kariemu ( Clark (

University Services: Abi Cruce ( Shamika Da Silva (

Beginning Balances
As we are still in the audit period for Fiscal Year 2014, closing June Balances have not yet been finalized in PeopleSoft. Once final, expected with the conclusion of the annual audit in October, we will load the June balances in GMS.

We appreciate your patience as we continue working through these issues. Remember, if you are experiencing difficulty you can call the Help Desk at (202) 687- 4949.  Having a ticket open in the system helps us manage the resolution of the issue.


David Rubenstein

Vice President of Finance and University Treasurer