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    Early Payroll Deadlines for President’s Day Holiday

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    Electronic Time In/Time Out for Hourly Administrative Employees is here!

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 Time entry must be completed and APPROVED by Friday, February 12th at 11:59 p.m. for President's Day Holiday


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Dear Colleagues,

Please be mindful of the early closing dates and pay date this pay period due to the President’s Day holiday.  In order for Payroll to be processed and settled for the February 19th pay date, please adhere to the deadlines outlined below.  Just a friendly reminder that this is also the first pay period we are using the Electronic Time in/ Time out functionality for Non-Union Hourly Employees.

Documents are due to Payroll by Thursday, February 11th at 5:00 p.m. for the biweekly. Time entry must be completed and APPROVED by Friday, February 12th at 11:59 p.m.

  • Please follow schedules set by departments for employees to have time entry completed in GMS.
  • Estimate hours worked for February 13th and February 14th.

On-Demand requests must be submitted by Friday, February 12th at 5:00 p.m. 

To find the payroll calendar, please go to gms.georgetown.edu, then click on Payroll Calendar.

If you have any questions, please direct them to payrollservices@georgetown.edu or to 202-687-2500. Thank you for your attention to these important deadlines. 


Claudette Richardson
Director of Payroll Services
Charles DeSantis
AVP, Benefits, Payroll and Wellness
Chief Benefits Officer

Dear Colleagues:

We are happy to announce that beginning today (February 1, 2016) Time In / Time Out functionality for Hourly Administrative Employees is now available in GMS! Hourly Administrative Employees are required to enter the start and end times (in/out) of hours worked directly into GMS using their iOS/Android device or PC.

How does this impact Hourly Administrative Employees?

  • University policy no longer requires a paper timesheet for Hourly Administrative Employees.
  • Hourly Administrative Employees are now required to enter and submit Time In/Out in GMS in order to be paid.
  • Timesheets indicating start and end times (in/out) for hours worked will be entered and submitted directly into GMS by the Employee and routed to the Timekeeper/Manager for approval.
  • Time can be entered into GMS using an iOS/Android device or PC.
  • This change does not impact any Union Hourly Employees because they will continue to use time clocks.
  • This change does not impact Non-Union Police Sergeants because they will continue to use time clocks.
  • This change does not impact Qatar Hourly Employees

How does this impact Timekeepers/Managers?

  • Departments should no longer collect paper Timesheets because the Hourly Employee or Timekeeper should enter the start and end times directly in GMS. Timekeepers/Managers are responsible for time approval in GMS.

Retroactive Time Entry

  • To correct time entered prior to February 1st, please update the existing hours as you would have done in the past. 
  • To enter time for a pay period prior to February 1st, please use the time Entry Code: "Prior to Feb 1: Regular Hours Worked"

How does this benefit the University?

  • Demonstrates compliance with the DC Wage Theft Prevention Act
  • Improves tracking, reporting, and audit capabilities

What Training Materials are Available?

For questions regarding Time Tracking related to Hourly Administrative Employees or for general assistance in GMS, please contact the Service Center by emailing help@georgetown.edu or by calling (202) 687-4949. For questions regarding HR Policies related to Time Tracking, please contact the Department of Human Resources by emailing universityhumanresources@georgetown.edu or by calling (202) 687-2500.


The Department of Human Resources

GMS Core Team